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Been there, done that.

I hope that my children remember the good bits. There have been moments lately when I have come to realise just how lucky I am, to have the chance to forge great memories with them.
These past few weeks trekking from one end of New Zealand to the other with my daughters, was time I’m so glad I got to spend with them. We dressed as Dwarves in front of the Remarkables.

Found hidden waterfalls deep in a rainforest.

And driven across the same bridge the train does! One lane, no warning lights. I had to wait for the train to get off to have my turn. Seriously OH&S in NZ is for wusses.

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Another thing checked off the bucket list…

I climbed a glacier with my daughters. The Franz Josef Glacier in NZ. Sweet As!

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Checked an item off the bucket list

I’ve been travelling around New Zealand this week with my daughters, we’re making the trek from one end to the other. It’s their first overseas trip, and first time to New Zealand for us all.
I write to you from Wellington, the middle of our journey. In two days we ditch the car and get the ferry to the South Island, and collect a new car free from muesli bar wrappers and road trip rubble, and keep driving south.

I will fill you in on all the awesome details later on when I have time, but for now I’ll share this amazing bit. This morning I got up to see the sunrise over an active volcano. Yeah.

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You’d never know how chaotic things get around here, looking at my camera roll.


 The moonrise over Wyangala Dam (out near Cowra) - went took the kids camping and this was the best part. A ferriswheel, because it's Floriade time. Some times I get to watch exciting things happen.     This tree is opposite my house. I'm in love with it.  Then I climbed in the ferris wheel, saw Floriade from above. On a trip to Featherdale Wildlife Park I met this dude.  Autie boy needed an airlift to Sydney, I got a chopper ride… again. Somewhere near Bondi, or just after it.

 And this is Goulburn, from Rocky Hill.



Random lone boots I found hanging on the beach at Conjola NSW South Coast.    Yet another sunset over Lake Conjola.

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Ok, so things got worse before they got better.

You all remember the chaos of May, well unfortunately things just didn’t seem to settle down after that.  Things went from busy to crazy, and I got sick.  So I did what all mums of too many kids do in these circumstances, let it slide, took some painkillers and tried to get on with things.  Turns out I had a pretty nasty antibiotic resistant infection, and I was dangerously sick.  Luckily we have an awesome doctor who sorted me out very quickly, after I finally managed to limp into his office.  It was a scary way to receive a message about looking after myself.  Quite often parents do let their needs slide, mostly because you just can’t find the time, the money or the babysitters, to take yourself off to the doctor and get checked out.  This is what I did.  Dumb I know.  I’m still not quite back up my usual healthy self, but not far. I resolve to not let this happen again, hopefully not famous last words…

After all this the school holidays came along, I know…. groan…. and it is minus a witches tit here in Goulburn at the moment.  So I thought bugger it, lets go to the beach.  We discovered that the south coast of new south wales was experiencing some unseasonably warm weather, yay!!!!    I forced myself to be cheerful and what do you know, it rubbed off on the kids with fairly acceptable behaviour from most of them.  Even our big Autie boy kept it together for a three hour whale watching trip.  I can’t believe I even considered that boat ride, must’ve still been delirious.

We are frequent visitors to the South Coast and during the last couple of years, we have been trying to do or see something there, that we’ve not done before.  So far we’ve been pretty successful :)

Hope you enjoy these few pictures, I will pop some more of the region up in a later post.


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