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Parent/Teacher interviews, a translation for the uninitiated.

It’s almost mid year, that means parent teacher interview time.  Parents rejoice the moment that note comes home with the little box checked, interview required – yes.  Yeah right.

With this many children (half a dozen plus one, in case you’re just coming in), I am fast becoming a pro at the art of the parent teacher interview.  I’m fairly sure I’m every teachers nightmare, especially when I pull out an iPad full of my notes and questions. O_o

What newbie parents of school age kids may not realise, is that teachers have a finely tuned turn of phrase – a language if you’ll humor me, that they have crafted especially for use on parents.  Pretty sure it’s a subject in their bachelor of education – How to talk to Parents 101.

A lot of these statements will often be used in place of saying something negative about your child, questions disguised as a statement, but let’s face it – why have you been summoned to the school on a cold winters night?  This probably isn’t going to be your night.  Prepare for an evening of awkward explanations and uncomfortable silences as you figure out what to say next.

While I don’t have the answers, I can help with some translation of the parent teacher interview language for you.

What is he like at home? = Good god.  How DO you live with him?

He is full of energy = I simply cannot keep this kid in his seat.

He has interesting tastes = Like glue, glitter, sand, the class guinea pigs food and paint.

He always seems very hungry = Obviously sandwiches are not his thing.  Try spreading glitter on them. Our stationary costs are mounting.

She is very creative, and we need to find a way to channel that into something = Drawing horns and glasses on every picture she comes across in any book, is getting a bit old. The class has been banned from the library.

She needs to be more focussed on her class work = When she is not drawing on library books, she is staring out the window. Quite probably daydreaming about drawing glasses on ponies.

We enjoy having him in the class = This kid is more fun to watch than the circus.

He is a very affectionate little boy = Some parents outside may wish to talk to you also. Kiss chase is just not the done thing these days.

Thanks for coming, it’s lovely to meet you = Wow, you made it I didn’t think you’d be so together given what I see from your child each day, and amazingly you look quite normal! (Damn I owe the deputy a fiver).


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Mr Thorne does Phonics – iPad App

I’ve been given the chance to test drive another educational iPad app, thank you Mr Thorne. 

Mr Thorne does Phonics, created by Mr Thorne himself.  It stemmed from his role as Head Phonics Teacher for the Solihull Local Authority, leading to You Tube videos of Phonic tuition with over 2 millions hits on his channel

Now you can get these videos in an App.  I have to admit on first seeing the app in action, I was a dubious about the grainy YouTube footage meshed into the workings of the app, but that said, it has no bearing on how effective this app is as a teaching tool.  Kids don’t care about the footage, it’s just me being picky 😉

Our four-year old daughter Georgie has taken to the App very well, she even greets Mr Thorne when he appears on the screen.  For those who don’t know, Georgie is autistic and has a slight speech delay, it has been Apps like this that have helped us get her talking.  This App has a lot of content, we’ve seen Georgie sit still using it for half and hour straight, so yes it is very engaging.  Below is a video of Georgie using the app, just ignore the point near the end where the baby interrupts 😉

The app costs $9.99AU and you can find it here.

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Kids say the funniest things… An ode to Mummy

I am busy clearing out for the big move, and came across this treasure from my daughter Lucy. How hard would her teacher have been laughing, after sending this home?!

At least know I’m loved. In some strange ways. Indeed.


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