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Adventure is out there…

Ever so slowly, without us even noticing it was happening, we have become that family that is always taking the kids camping. Well during the summer months we do.

Recently a random act of kindness meant that instead of camping in a big tent city, we now have a camper. Doesn’t that up the anti on the camping comfort! Although I am the first to admit, I don’t camp well. I don’t sleep for the entire time and neither does at least one of the children for the first couple of nights, and then there is the bugs. All of the discomfort is usually out weighed by the fun the kids have and the forced relaxation we parents get in the evenings, in front of the fire (when and if there is ever not a fire ban). Often off the grid, so no social media and no power to charge things, that means iPads off! I grab my camera and a thick book and I’m ready.

We have a camper!

Damn thing is like a tardis! You can sleep six inside!

Our 'local' swimming hole at Stewarts Crossing.

It's been a hot summer so far.

Dobby the house dog, the hello on my back.


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Meet Milo…

Still can’t get over how gorgeous our new dog is. Milo arrived unexpectedly on Christmas eve. I checked my messages at 7, and he was on our doorstep by 11. The kids are in love with him, finally a dog that isn’t lazy!  We’ve already taken him camping with us, he has fitted in nicely. We are so lucky and grateful to have been given him.

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Sparklers! We’ve been camping with all the kids at Stewart’s Crossing near Tarago NSW.

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