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One size fits some…

Recently I found myself afforded a kid free day, so I did what any other mother that has not had time alone for many a moon does. No I didn’t hit the sauce, tempting as that may be.  I went out to get a bra fitting done, which is a massive luxury for me, yeah I know excitement plus.

So I took myself off to our spanky new department store and their very swish bra fitting rooms. I’d chosen a couple of pretty bras before I walked in, in my usual size and a cup smaller.  It’s been years since I’d worn a bra that looked even remotely foxy.  But I’ve lost some weight recently, guess where?  Yeah in the place you’d like it to stay.  The fitting lady comes in and measures me up and declares me to be two cup sizes bigger than the size I normally wear, and a rib cage size smaller.  A 14DD really?! Ok you’re the expert lady.  So I wait topless in the little change room, while she sets out in search of bras that meet my measurements.

She returned with five bras in hand, not one of them could get around me.  As I blush from the boobs up, she whips out the tape just to check she got the measurement right.  Apparently she did.  Perplexed she heads out for more bras, this time she comes back with another five in sizes ranging from 14 to 18.  None of these fit right either.  By now she was looking more embarrassed than me, and confessed that the sizing standard measurements seldom match up to what is on the shelf anymore.

See, this is why clothes shopping is not fun anymore.  Actually I find it to be quite the soul sucking exercise. Despite my arse being a standard australian size 14, I can find myself having to try on sizes 12,14,16,18,20.  In one store a 12 may fit and in another it’s a size 18, and it’s not just clothing.  Last week I was buying shoes for my three year old, and after measuring his little foot with that metal thingy, the assistant gets out shoes in the size and discovered they were an inch longer than his foot!

Getting back to my blushing breasts… Eventually, after an hour trying on fifteen bras, we found one that fitted.  A 16E from the super sized boulder holder section, designed to minimize and definitely not be seen. Well that was fun.

Do men have this problem? I don’t think they do, because if they did there would’ve been a commission by now and an enforced standardized sizing nation wide.  Womens clothing sizes are meaningless, and probably based on an excess supply of labels of a certain size the manufacturer had to get rid of. Or they just make this shit up as they go along.

While I’m complaining about clothing, what is the story with fake pockets on womens clothing?  I bought some jeans recently and went to put some change in the pocket only to discover that they were fake pockets! In jeans?! Who thinks to put fake pockets in jeans, they still had to go the effort of sewing the bit that looks like a pocket.  Why not go the tiny next step, and not sew the opening together? I can understand that a pocket may change the tailored shape of a garment, but if I want to walk around with lumpy bits its my choice.

While I do realize that there are far more pressing issues for women right now, my time is precious and I don’t want to spend it in search of clothing that fits.


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Octonauts Magazine – Lets do this!

One of Henry the Future Dark Overlords favourite shows is the Octonauts, so you can imagine how nuts he went when a copy of the Octonauts magazine landed in our mailbox (thanks to ABC & Morey Media).  The magazine was put together by the ABC editorial team in consultation with early childhood learning experts, and is aimed at three to five year olds.

Cheaper than some colouring books at only $5.95, and BONUS it comes with a beach ball and stickers.  Filled with beautiful illustrations and activities, one of which is instructions to make your own pirate eye patch, posters and fun facts about the Octopod.  Did you know that the Octopod has a library? I didn’t.  Printed on quality matt finish paper, which has done well considering the love Henry has shown the book.  This would make an excellent stocking filler this Christmas :)

I have an extra copy of the Octonauts 2012 magazine for a lucky little fan, all you need to do is comment below and tell me what ABC2 show is a favourite at your house, to go into the draw.  Giveaway finishes on 25/11/12, please leave a valid email address with your entry  so you can be contacted (this email will not be published or shared).  And yes this time my overseas friends can enter!


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OO.com.au for a quick & easy Christmas

So I’ve headed into this festive season a little under prepared, but then again what’s new?  Most of the time people let me off for being arse bustingly busy because I have ten hundred thousand children, but I digress…

OO.com.au asked me to check out their recently updated toy range, and I was only to happy to oblige as we had a birthday in the house and I was SO not organised.  I ordered this baby, for my not so girly girl who was turning 12.

Battleship LIVE puts a whole new spin on the old game, very engaging and it knows when you cheat and move your pieces!  Lucy & her dad did battle for ages with this game, and they won’t let me have a turn.  They report it to be awesome.

But the game isn’t the main reason I’m writing this post today, it’s because I want to tell you about the store!  OO.com.au delivered my order within 48 hours, with absolutely no hitch to speak of.  Their updated toy range is a lot broader than I remember it to be.  I last shopped with them around a year ago, and the fresh stock is making me look again.  I’m pretty impressed with the baby range too.  The site is easy to navigate, and you know straight away if something is in stock or not and exactly how much it will cost to deliver, so you don’t have to go through to the checkout and be disappointed by a massive shipping cost after all that effort.  I do think OO.com.au is worth a look this Christmas, especially for those of us who are looking for shopping in your underpants in the wee small hours options ;)

To get you underway, here are a few of bargains of note…

Pretty cute and it is on Santas list, and it’s 30% off – click on the pictures to be taken to the product pages.

And this is super cheap for a Maclaren!  38% OFF!

Disclaimer: oo.com.au provided the author with a gift voucher to shop with on the site, however all product selection (including sale items) were made by the author. 


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Why do I never learn?

Every time I go shopping with all these bast… cu…. cherubs of mine, I almost always vow never ever ever ever again, because OH MAH GAWD these kids can really misbehave in a most impressive fashion.

The husband doesn’t often get the ‘pleasure’ of taking all six kids shopping, he even managed to miss the experience somehow while I was in China last month.  I try to avoid it too.  However this morning I nipped into the shops for the paper and whatever else it was I just had to have, this time I had only two kids in tow.

Austin and Charlie, own their own, they’re great kids adorable kids even. The kind of kids that attract the attention of nannas, that think they’re cute enough to give them two dollars for the coin op ride in the shopping centre.  I once had a lady come up and give me a bag of milky ways “for the little lad”, because while I was paying for my stuff Austin had been busy waving at the passing ladies and saying Hello as cute as only a three year old can. He had won her heart.  The little con man.  Put them together and pure evil often results.

Back to the supermarket this morning, and I figured its just a quick trip in so I go in sans the double stroller.  Quite often the stroller is the only way to keep a lid on their behaviour, so I really don’t know what I was thinking.  As we enter the chattering starts and both boys want to go here or there, apparently and very loudly, I am told that I am going the wrong way.

Holding two small sweating protesting hands, purse in my teeth and shopping basket being fought over I drag them to the aisles I need. This meant passing lots of lollies and shiny things at toddler height, and it became necessary to move them on.

Austins modus operandi when he wants something is to stand fixed immovably in front of the object of desire, and look as miserable as he possibly can until someone stops and asks him what’s the matter.  He’ll point and tearfully mutter “want it” snot oozing from every hole in his head. I’ll be standing at the end of the aisle telling him “Bye! I’m going now” which has no effect.  Physically removing him is the only answer.  Which is when the kicking and screaming starts.

The problem is, he WILL find an object he wants in every aisle in the shop. Every aisle.

Moving right along, and Austin again decided he wanted something and an ‘Occupy the Chip Aisle’ protest starts.  While levering Austin from his position of protest Charlie vanished, and it is not usually his form to disappear from my line of sight, so I was instantly filled with a sense of doom.  I stop, trying to work out what direction would he have gone listening for the scurrying sound of a toddler making good his escape.  When I hear him giggle, nearby.  I’m alone with Mr ‘Occupy the Chip Aisle’ still standing fixed to the spot, and I figure he isn’t going anywhere so I start a search for Charlie.  Again I hear a nearby giggle.   “Can’t find me….” giggles…. Yeah cute.

I’m stumped.  I can’t find the bugger.  I can still hear the giggles and “ready or not!” coming from somewhere near me, I’ve even looked under the shelves.  I was just about the go to the shop counter and ask to watch their surveillance video to see where he was, when it occurred to me…. look in the shelves.

There he was, he had built a fort out of chip boxes and was happily eating a his way through a tube of Pringles, while sitting on and crushing two boxes of Smiths Crisps he’d made chair out of.  It’s hard to be annoyed with a kid, when you are just so impressed with his ingenuity, and a little bit frightened when I think… this is what he can do at two years old?!  At least we have a lot of chips for the weekend.

It seems that Henry has competition for the title of future Dark Overlord.


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Big Family Big Bags

Big families need to supersize everything and that includes mums bag, so its review time!  A long over due post about nappy bags and lots of them.

Those of you who know me, will know I love bags.  Especially bags with lots of pockets, and great patterns and colours and my nappy bag has to be multi purpose.  My ideal bag (are you listening out there nappy bag makers?) would have three separate sections.  A mum section, baby section and a work section.  Three compartments each separated from each other, with lots of pockets.  To keep the crumbs off my toys.

My love of textures and patterns drew me to the Petunia Pickle Bottom range, which is a little hard to find in Australia, but when has that sort of problem stopped me shopping?

It began with the Sashay Satchel, a very tall bag that comes with a lot organisational pockets.  Noticeably absent is a wet stuff pocket or bag, but what it does do well is double as a work bag and nappy bag.  It has a pocket on the front I can fit A4 sized documents, a small laptop or an iPad in.  Six interior pockets plus a nappy change mat and a wipes case.

It can also be converted to a back pack that sits very comfortably on your back, however the front pocket has a tendency to hang open a bit when being used this way. I found I had to stuff the handles in the main pocket and zip it up around them to sort this problem out.  The other little annoyance with this bag is that because it is tall, you have to stack your gear on top of each other.  A due to its capacity, it becomes a lot of stuff to pull out when you are looking for something that has end up at the bottom, but the light coloured interior lining makes it easier to see your things.  I still have this bag on rotation and I keep coming back to it for big days out.

Then there was the gorgeous cut velvet CAKE Society Satchel.  Another big bag, you can keep everything in this beautiful and super expensive bag.

Rather depressingly I’ve only used it a handful of times.  It too converts to a backpack, I was worried about using it this way because I didn’t want friction to damage the beautiful fabric, but I did try it out.  It felt weird, because the bag has an open top, no zip to secure your things from pick pockets.   It has a separate compartment at the bottom where the change mat and nappies live, again a wipes case and lots of pockets.  A total of ten pockets. Dimension wise its a little wider than the Sashay, but still you are stacking your stuff on top of itself.  The opening at the top is awkward, especially using the small carry handle.  It comes with nifty stroller clips for attaching it to the pram, best thing ever and usable with my other bags.  And a dust cover as designer bags should.  Sadly I found this bag annoying, so depressing given its price tag and its obvious quality.  Listing it on eBay is imminent.

Prior to the Sashay bag I was using a LIFE Brand nappy bag, which was brilliant but is no longer available so no point in me telling you about it really.  But seriously it rocked, and it died from overuse.  I also killed a couple of Kapoochi bags, but they’re no longer on the market either.  When I think about it, wow I’ve been through a lot of bags.

Recently I found myself in a spot of bother in Randwick and in dire need of an extra bag, and in a baby shop I found the Annabel Trends shoulder bag.  It has many uses, a nappy bag being one of them.  It has five huge pockets and a little zip up one on the front there to hide your keys and phone in.  The main compartment does up with a press stud, which unfortunately pulled out of the fabric in a week, but I didn’t really use it much anyway.  This is a tote bag.  I’ve found it great for packing lunch and drinks in for trips to the park etc and the polyester fabric is ok with being wet.  Good to grab and go, and slightly nicer to look at than a green shopping bag, especially if you are going somewhere that may mess up your other (pretty) bags like swimming class.  The shoulder strap is adjustable, and the whole thing can be folded up and stuffed inside your handbag for shopping later.   Overall a practical bag, just don’t look too close at it for quality ;)

In my quest for the perfect bag, I turned to the AVENT back pack.  It is a very stylish looking back pack, that is very comfortable to wear.


You can fit everything in it, and it has, wait for it… three separate compartments! Lots places for everything and an insulated bottle pocket, which incidentally doubles as a nicely padded camera pocket.  I wore this to the Zoo on the weekend and could fit, six nappies four drink bottles, wipes and about half the medicine cabinet, and my camera in it, and the Husbands stuff.  While I’m on about the Husband, he isn’t embarrassed to carry this bag.  The only problem is that back packs don’t look great in a meeting and I don’t want people to think I’ve completely given up on style, just because I look like my children have sucked out my soul.  But I digress…

With all these kids I have to carry a lot of crap, including my own crap, the husbands crap and my gadgets.  So I decided it was time to stop faffing about and just get a big arse bag.  And here it is.

As the name would suggest, the Wistful Weekender is the kind of bag you may pack to go away with.  Yep its that big.  I love it.  I’d be awesome for mums of multiples onwards. I can carry absolutely everything we need in this, and with half a dozen kids that is a lot.  It is very pretty, and comes with the signature PPB wipes case and change mat.  Again the PPB quality is there.  The pockets are generously sized, I can fit my Kindle in the interior ones, there are seven pockets inside and two outside. Bottle/drinks pockets at each end and the whole thing closes with a zip.  I love it, I think I’ve found THE bag.  Sure I’m walking around with a massive bag, but hey I’ve got everything I need in there!  One day there come a time that I will be able to carry a small handbag, and not a piece of luggage, one glorious day… in around ten years…

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