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iPhone Apps for Mums, Bubs & Bellys & More!

I love my gadgets.  But I think you all knew that.  ;) One of my favourite pastime is to scour the iTunes App store in search of apps that will be good for me to play with… I mean the children to play with and learn from of course, in my travels I have come across quite a few good apps that I thought I might share.  These will also work on an iPod Touch (if you need the net Touch’s now have wi-fi you can connect to your home or public network).

Below is a list of apps I have found for mums, bubs and pregnancy that look pretty damn useful to me, I wish I had found some of these when I was pregnant!

Planning for Baby?   You need lists!


But before that you need to countdown to baby…


And what do you know, breastfeeding apps!


Now that baby is here there is more stuff you have to keep track of apparently ;)


So there you have it, what more does a gadget loving mum need?

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My Uterus is Closing Down – Sale starts now!

Tomorrow brings an end to my fertility, and to me that’s kind of a big deal. I know I know what’s there to be worried about I have seven kids, my baby making days should be over right? Crikey we’ve had family and friends (yeah you know who you are!) hassling hubby and I about when I was going to get my tubes done for the last three babies!
Anyway, I know this will send a lot of people into squeals of shock and/or terror BUT, there is a small part of me that is not sure I am done having babies… I heard that.
But I know that it is the best option for me right now, having fallen pregnant on every kind of contraceptive there is, except the IUD which I haven’t tried, the only option left is something permanent. And my poor body has told me in no uncertain terms; “No more babies I’m stuffed and to prove it here’s a stress fracture in your ass bone!” Cop that girly!
But still something in me still thinks another little girl would be nice. I had always thought there would come a moment where I would ‘know’ I was done having babies. I’ve known other women that have had that moment. I am curious to know how they arrived at that point. And why, with my pending sterilisation tomorrow, haven’t I arrived at that same point myself. After tomorrow will I be full of regret for babies not had? I know a some people will view my desire to have so many children as selfish. I have even been accused of having so many children to fill some sort of ‘hole’ in my life, well at least I filled it with beautiful little people. I’m sure I’ll be okay with it eventually, I think it is time for me to get my body back and I’ve already got rid of my fat chick clothes. So I’m on my way.
Wish me luck and a speedy recovery won’t you :) I’ve got too much to do and to get over this as quick as possible!

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