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Take a walk in the treetops.

The Illawarra Fly tree top walk through a rainforest canopy is a unique experience, that is certainly not for those with vertigo issues. The kids loved it and were shit scared at the same time, especially when the tower starts to wiggle 😉 Great place for a different kind of weekend adventure, and you can also go ziplining.

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by | September 10, 2015 · 2:11 pm

Taking comfort in the Goulburn cold.

My column from this weeks paper… 

YOU know it’s cold in Goulburn when the car still has frost on the windscreen at 9am.  Travellers from the north arrive wearing shorts and thongs and hop happily out of their cars to see the Big Merino. But before they can prepare to take a selfie in front of our concrete wonder, they realise it is startlingly crisp out there, and make a hasty retreat to their warm car, where you will see them pulling ski gear out of the boot and trying to wear everything they packed all at once, because clearly they must be mere kilometres away from snow here it’s just that cold!

I love it. You feel like cooking warm hearty meals and you finally get some sleep when it’s cold, because you won’t be too hot under all the blankets.

I know many people loath the cold, and I can understand why, but when you think about it there are some really good reasons to like winter. I will give you a few examples…. Read the rest here.

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Getting wet…

Ok so the GoPro was worth it. Although I will say to get a decent shot from it, you need a bright sunny day. This photo was taken underneath Lake Conjola on the NSW South Coast, brimming with life I’d otherwise not seen before.

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by | April 9, 2015 · 7:06 am

I must be strong…

The smallest one has had his second day at school. I found myself loitering outside the school gate about half an hour early than I needed to, he emerged looking hang dog tired. Crawling up my body as if I was a tree and cuddling me like a baby would. Man do I feel guilty. 

But I can also see small hints that he is picking things up already, the change from my baby to a boy is happening.  Well who am I kidding, it has already happened, but he’ll always be my wee man. 

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Go fly a kite…

Saw this beautiful creature in Booderee National Park in the Jervis Bay Territroy. I’m reliably informed its a square tailed kite, a not often seen bird of prey.

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by | January 21, 2015 · 9:58 pm