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Canberra Fun Run

They made it!  Thanks to everyone who sponsored Toms effort, he made it past his goal of $500 and raised $620 for Autism Awareness.  How good is that!?  He had a very enjoyable day, trotting his way along the five kilometre course in his own way at his own pace.  The crowd at the start spooked him a little, and he never let go of his Dads hand the whole time, both enjoying the time together a lot.

Thanks again to everyone for their enormous support, and to all those around Tom got who involved and helped him get prep’d for the day, we were really touched by how much everyone cares about our boy.

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Our Autie Boy is running!

Last weekend Mr Candysfamily participated in the City2Surf in Sydney, our boy autie boy Tom was chomping at the bit to get in there and run too.  This kid has so much energy, so we figured why not give the kid a shot at it.  So we have entered him in a much shorter race, the Canberra Times 5km Fun Run on September 9. He’ll be running with the help of his Dad and sister Lucy.

Tom will be running in support of Autism Awareness and could really use some support in reaching his fundraising goal, every little bit helps.  You can find his fundraising page here.

On his page you will find a mini blog, that we’ll update with his training progress and how he went on race day.  I’m sure he’ll drag his dad over the finish line and way past it.



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Whale Watching at Coffs Harbour

It is whale migration season, and with almost a thousand whales spotted last year, and this year shaping up to be just as good I was reminded of a trip we took in August 2008.  We had the opportunity to watch the whales from the deck of the Pacific Explorer , which sails out of Coffs Harbour on the North Coast of New South Wales.  At that time I had 4 children aged eight to one year old, and they loved it, and because the Pacific Explorer is sailing catamaran it is quiet and the whales came right up to the side of the boat. I highly recommend the experience.  Our daughter still talks about it.


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2011 Sydney International Boat Show

Yesterday I had the rare opportunity of going to Sydney, without my six children in tow.  I went to the Sydney Boat Show to look at big kid toys. The exhibition is massive, it fills all 6 halls of the Darling Harbour Convention centre, and there is more outside with the larger boats on display in the Cockle Bay harbour. So I was glad I had my walking shoes on, and that there were adequate coffee stops around the exhibition, to keep the caffeine levels up.  

While I was not in the market for a 1/6th share in a $1million power cruiser, it is still nice to look and dream.  I took my father, who is not the snappiest dresser, brown shoes with black pants, grey and balding sporting a Peugeot jacket.  The uniform of a retiree, that has just got his hands on his superannuation.  He certainly had the attention of the sales representatives. The crappy world market and the strong Australian dollar, means that the imports are super cheap and the reps are super eager to make sales. So if your in the market for a new boat there are some bargains to be had.

The sales rep said that the above boat was the “muscle car” of the boat world, I could pick it up for a cool $180000. The rep was quite annoyed, when I said that my wallet was in my other pants.

Dad ended up buying the above Hobie sailing canoe, I already have dibs on the first ride.

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Training for the City to Surf

This year I will be entering the City to Surf fun run. Don’t get too excited, I am only planning on jogging/walking it. At the start of June I ramped up my training schedule from nothing, to something. I am now walking an hour a day about four days a week.

I have run the City to Surf three times before, but I was at least 16 years younger and 40kg lighter.  So why am I punishing myself this year?  Because I promised my 10 year old daughter Lucy, she wants to run the City to Surf because she is a good cross country runner. And as a devoted father, I figure its not a good idea to allow my daughter to run in a crowd of 82000 people alone.

 An added motivation this year for me, is that we will be raising money for the Autism Advisory Service. This service does not receive any Government funding, and as a parent of three Autistic children I know that getting help for them can often be confusing and complicated. This truly essential service helps parents navigate the path to diagnosis and get information when they need it most. You will find a box over on in the sidebar (right) where you can sponsor us and support this great cause.

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