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Canberra Fun Run

They made it!  Thanks to everyone who sponsored Toms effort, he made it past his goal of $500 and raised $620 for Autism Awareness.  How good is that!?  He had a very enjoyable day, trotting his way along the five kilometre course in his own way at his own pace.  The crowd at the start spooked him a little, and he never let go of his Dads hand the whole time, both enjoying the time together a lot.

Thanks again to everyone for their enormous support, and to all those around Tom got who involved and helped him get prep’d for the day, we were really touched by how much everyone cares about our boy.

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Our Autie Boy is running!

Last weekend Mr Candysfamily participated in the City2Surf in Sydney, our boy autie boy Tom was chomping at the bit to get in there and run too.  This kid has so much energy, so we figured why not give the kid a shot at it.  So we have entered him in a much shorter race, the Canberra Times 5km Fun Run on September 9. He’ll be running with the help of his Dad and sister Lucy.

Tom will be running in support of Autism Awareness and could really use some support in reaching his fundraising goal, every little bit helps.  You can find his fundraising page here.

On his page you will find a mini blog, that we’ll update with his training progress and how he went on race day.  I’m sure he’ll drag his dad over the finish line and way past it.



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Running, Red shirts and the runs.

You know how sometimes things seem to be on a roll, when it comes to a run of bad luck.  I’ve had one of those months, I think August can just take a hike now.   I’m not going to bring you down with the details, ok maybe just a few but hey this is my blog to do with as I please 😉   The pressure has been on this month, with lots of requests (if I haven’t got to your email yet, I am sorry).  This crowd of mine has needed my attention, we are the House of Sharts this week. 

Four of the kids have had fevers and the sharts this week, so I’ve had them home all week.  Yep, things are getting a little twitchy for yours truly.  Once again I am jealous of the Husband, for getting to leave this chamber of farts everyday and play with adults.  It doesn’t help that at least three of the kids cannot speak without shouting,  as I type Georgie is reading to herself on the lounge – I’m sure the neighbors are enjoying storytime too.

Georgie has been particularly unwell this month, having two seizures last week just to add to the mayhem.  Seeing your child like this, would crack the toughest nut.

So I’m guessing we’ll be back on the investigation/tests train again, since the last lot didn’t give us anything to go on with.  I like to mention that the staff in the triage at Goulburn Hospital are awesome.  They had so much on their plates that night, yet they still took the time to explain everything and even bring me sandwiches and tea, as I’d arrived at the hospital starving and not able to go get a drink.  She is fine now, she took a few days to come good this time.  And still managed to barrack for her Dad and sister at the City2Surf last weekend.


A huge thank you to everyone that support their fundraising effort.  They passed their goal of $500, raising $624 for the Autism Advisory and Support Service.   Lucy wore her medal for two days afterwards. 

That same weekend the news broke about the missing boy Daniel Morcombe, after all these years police finally have an arrest.  Their parents asked the nation to wear red on the Monday the suspect was to front court, to show support for Daniel.  So we did.

I know this has been a long post, and not my usual stuff but I didn’t want to bombard everyone with each topic in a separate post.  And I’m not done, I have one more thing to ask of you.

Do you shop at Coles?  If you happen to have some of those sports for schools vouchers around, would you consider sending them my way?  Our kids attend a special school, that doesn’t have as  many students as a mainstream school would have.  So if you have any spare it’d be great if they could be contributed to our little school, so they can get much-needed new equipment.  I’ll even send you a stamped envelope to do so, just message me.  If you are in the Goulburn area please drop them off with Brian Hill at the Goulburn Post, he has kindly offered to help collect them on my behalf.  (Thanks again Brian).

Oh and one last thing.  Due to our household mayhem, which I really haven’t filled you all in on here, the draw for the Baby Monitor was delayed.  So the winner is…..  Veronica Harvey.    Thank you to all my new and old followers for clicking on those little boxes, I really do appreciate your support and readship of my blog 🙂



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Catch up & Thanks :)

I’ve had a busy week or two, as you might guess from the lack of posts. So thought a catch up post was in order.

First thing, I have to say thank you to all those who have sponsored my husband and daughters City2Surf run. We have passed our fundraising goal and still going, I am so touched by everyone’s generosity. Lucy is very excited about the run, look for me at Bondi on Sunday if you happen to be there, I’ll be wearing red and tethered to five children 😉

Things have been crazy busy around here, mostly with the kid stuff and organizing my school reunion. Mundane stuff, I wish was more interesting to writing about.

Our autie kids have had a good week, we have heard a lot of speech from Thomas this week which is awesome progress for him. Georgie showed us she could recognize letters and numbers, and she is reading so much more than we expected this early into her first school year. Henry has finally been recognized as officially PDD-NOS, for the purposes of getting assistance from services. We had to go through more assessments with him, as the previous diagnosis was not thorough enough. This was a pain in the arse to organize, but now I have all these extra bits of paper to wave at important people that are really helpful. See there’s always an upside 😉
I wrote about Autism here last week, and in my column at the Goulburn Post. I just thought I’d share the comments it received here, as some of them were reprinted in the paper. According to this story I am Goulburns Premier Tweeter, at last recognition 😉 I believe a tshirt saying same is in order don’t you.

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Running for Autism

For those just tuning in, you may not realise that we have two children diagnosed with Autism and another with PDD-NOS.  This you can imagine is a hard task to manage at times. 

Families like ours rely heavily on services, services mostly provided by the Government, but one non government service that has been of great help to us, has been the Autism Advisory & Support Service.  This service receives no recurrent government funding, and relies on donations to offer their services free to families affected by Autism.  Services like these need to continue and need more funding. 

With this in mind my husband and eldest daughter are entering next month’s City2Surf, to raise money for this service.  Last month they climbed Pigeon House Mountain on the south coast of NSW as part of their preparation for the event.

At the time of posting they have managed to raise $340, towards their humble goal of $500.  We’d like to say a big thank you to all those who have donated so far, you know who you are 🙂  Some of you we haven’t even met in the flesh, yet you opened your wallets in support, that is just awesome.

There is only 12 days left till the big day, this week the bibs arrived – so it’s game on!

If you would like to support their run for Autism you will find a link to sponsor them over on the right or click here.  Thank you again to all our sponsors so far, we are truly touched. 

I’ve written some more about this in my column at the Goulburn Post, head on over and have a look-see 🙂



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