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Ok, so things got worse before they got better.

You all remember the chaos of May, well unfortunately things just didn’t seem to settle down after that.  Things went from busy to crazy, and I got sick.  So I did what all mums of too many kids do in these circumstances, let it slide, took some painkillers and tried to get on with things.  Turns out I had a pretty nasty antibiotic resistant infection, and I was dangerously sick.  Luckily we have an awesome doctor who sorted me out very quickly, after I finally managed to limp into his office.  It was a scary way to receive a message about looking after myself.  Quite often parents do let their needs slide, mostly because you just can’t find the time, the money or the babysitters, to take yourself off to the doctor and get checked out.  This is what I did.  Dumb I know.  I’m still not quite back up my usual healthy self, but not far. I resolve to not let this happen again, hopefully not famous last words…

After all this the school holidays came along, I know…. groan…. and it is minus a witches tit here in Goulburn at the moment.  So I thought bugger it, lets go to the beach.  We discovered that the south coast of new south wales was experiencing some unseasonably warm weather, yay!!!!    I forced myself to be cheerful and what do you know, it rubbed off on the kids with fairly acceptable behaviour from most of them.  Even our big Autie boy kept it together for a three hour whale watching trip.  I can’t believe I even considered that boat ride, must’ve still been delirious.

We are frequent visitors to the South Coast and during the last couple of years, we have been trying to do or see something there, that we’ve not done before.  So far we’ve been pretty successful :)

Hope you enjoy these few pictures, I will pop some more of the region up in a later post.


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Didn’t we do the holidays already?

Something doesn’t feel right.  School goes on holidays at the end of the week, but we’ve had easter. We’ve eaten the chocolate and been to the beach, the holidays are a done deal right?  How can this be, how can it be May in a couple of weeks?

I need to come up with some suitable holiday entertainment and fast, and something that can be done sans Mr Candysfamily as he has to work (yeah he missed working out the holidays are after easter too).  We also still have two small boys going to preschool throughout the holidays (because at that price they’re bloody well not missing it!), so I wonder if it will feel like a holiday or just days at home with the kids.  I’m betting on the later. I better get out there and buy copious amounts of food, as these kids seem to need to eat for around twelve hours a day when they’re at home.  That is the single most expensive thing for us on holidays, feeding the crowd.

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On the coast

We spent the Easter weekend over on the South Coast. It has sort become our easter thing. Thought I’d share a few happy snaps :)

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Beijing – A little photo album

I’m starting to get my pictures of China off the camera, here are a few of Beijing hope you enjoy.  Click on the picture to view it larger.

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Oh yeah did I mention I’m on holidays?

It may have slipped my mind to share this, lordy knows how that happened because I am so damn excited about it!  As you read this I’ll be in the air flying to China.  SANS CHILDREN AND SPOUSE!  Alone.

After almost a decade of no time to myself, here I am sitting on a plane not having to care about anyones welfare except my own.  I don’t have to wipe anyone else’s shitty bum until the end of the month.  Hot damn.  I’ll probably spend the first day in a daze wondering what the hell I can do with myself, how will I know what I can do for myself after not being able to for so long?  I have only one suitcase and a small carry on, neither of those bags contain anything resembling a baby product – this feels strange – I feel under prepared.  But I’m sure I’ll get used to it ;)

I’ll be in a Facebook and Twitter free zone, thanks to Chinas internet firewall.  This can only be a good thing for me.

I’ve tried my best to learn some Mandarin (falling asleep with the language lesson playing) and so far I have thank you and where is the toilet down.  That’ll be enough right?  Who cares, I don’t have to worry about anyone but me!  I can be late, eat whatever is put in front of me and spend an hour longer looking for the hotel than I meant to.

If I return, I shall have lots and lots of pictures to bore you all with.  Wish me luck!

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