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The Chocolate Diet

Recently I got very busy and ambitious and started down the road to a new career, one I was absolutely busting my arse to do.  I lost a LOT of weight, got through the job interview, had it in the bag.  Started doing the assessment, then I got injured.  So, I won’t be pressing on with that plan, and damn it was a good plan.  To say I’m disappointed is an understatement.  On the bright side I did lose weight and get fit, but now I’ve discovered I have an injury, an injury that has stalled my weight loss journey (can’t run, too bouncy).  In these three weeks I haven’t been able to train, despite watching my food intake I’ve put back on a kilo and a half. Not happy. And yesterday my elliptical trainer broke. Even more unhappy.

As luck would have it I was contacted by The Chocolate Diet, and they asked if I’d like to try it out for eight weeks, and since I have at least 10 kilos to go before I hit my goal weight and because the word chocolate was mentioned. Belgian chocolate no less. OF COURSE I SAID YES. Now a little note before we get into this.  I am not a dietitian and my promotion and subsequent discussion of this product should not replace a health professionals advice when commencing a diet or training plan.  

Now like I said. I was training to do this…

But I found out that this is kinda stuffed…

So I need to wind the exercise back a smidgen, for a little while.  Today I started the Chocolate Diet, and I will do so with the help of the website and one of their lovely consultants.  I’ve just downloaded my eight week plan from the website, and you can get your program by signing up to the website (for free) using the barcode on your shakes box.

In two weeks time I will give you an update on how I’m doing, and tell you much much more about how the program works, whether I like it yadda yadda yadda 😉  So far the shakes are scrummy, and taking care of my chocolate cravings.

In the meantime, to kick things off I have an Easter giveaway for you. Easter is all about the chocolate, which sucks for those of us trying to avoid the calories.  The lovely people at The Chocolate Diet believe that they can help with the cravings this easter and would like to give one of my readers one weeks supply of product to get them underway.

Check it out here...

To be in the draw just comment below to go into the draw (with a valid email address, that of course will not be published) and let me know if your weight loss journey needs a chocolatey push along. I know mine did!  I will draw the winner on March 31st (Easter Sunday).  Good luck :)



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The Boob Beanie

International Breastfeeding week is upon us and I thought it’d be a great time to share with you this gorgeous product, developed by an Australian mum who was sick of being judged for feeding her son in public.  What a novel approach, generate conversation and keep that tiny head warm.  I love it.  They are very well made, and I think they’re beautiful.

I have a small boob beanie in pink to give away to one of you, just comment below and tell me if you’ve got a little head that needs a boob beanie to adorn it, and you are in the draw.  Giveaway finishes 13/8/2012.  You can also like Boob Beanie on Facebook here.


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The Jungle Bunch – Review & Giveaway!

I’ll admit that I’ve never heard of the Jungle Bunch, and quite frankly I think these are the weirdest looking jungle creatures I’ve ever seen, and as for the story line… well there is a message there, somewhere.

However I am not the target audience for this movie.  My little target audience loved it and watch it on a loop.  My daughter now wants a toy tiger penguin (and if anyone happens to see one let me know would you?).   Overall the movie is a fit for most kids 10 and under, although I have caught my tween putting it on a couple of times now 😉  Great rainy day viewing.

About the movie:  The Jungle Bunch movie is the story of how a penguin’s egg fell off an Antarctic ice floe and ended up in the jungle.  Maurice (the hatched penguin) is adopted and raised by an affectionate tigress, and is actually convinced that he is also a tiger. His time is divided between re-painting his stripes, hunting and teaching his own adopted son, Junior the Tiger Fish, his special hunting techniques.  Two penguins from Maurice’s native Antarctic village, are in search of “The Great Tiger Warrior” to save their village from an oppressive group of walruses.  Their search leads them to Maurice’s jungle home, where they tell him of their plight. Determined to help, Maurice, and his team of misfit friends embark on an adventure they will never forget!

We received a copy of The Jungle Bunch from Universal Studios Home Entertainment to review for this post, and thanks to them I have a bundle of movies to giveaway!   Including copy of The Jungle Bunch, Lego Ninjago, Zhu Zhu Pets Quest for Zhu and Nims Island.

To win please comment below to go into the draw, tell me what your favourite childhood movie was?  Mine was, and still is the Dark Crystal. I will draw in one week, sorry Australian entries only.   Don’t forget to leave a valid email address (that won’t be made public here) so I can contact to you, and no I never send spam.

Watch a trailer from the movie here!


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So you want to know how I can afford my expensive toys?

I’ve been asked this question a few times; you have all those kids how can you afford a new computer/ipod/lego set?  And the answer is: I lay-by them.

Until recently I was doing my lay-bys the usual way, finding a store that had the product I wanted and trying to get back in there to regularly make payments for the twelve week period you could have the lay-by for.  I’d often wanted to be able to lay-by the big ticket items, like a computer or bed but was yet to find a store that was willing to do so, especially for a period of time longer than the usual (as I needed to make the payments smaller to fit into the budget).

Last September I found out about mylayby.com and I took the punt and laybyed my new Mac and I paid it off in small instalments, asking for it to be delivered mid January.  My new Mac arrived without a hitch and I was soon lay-buying my birthday present (the only way to do it, if you want to get something good I tell you!), plus the husbands and kids gifts for the rest of the year.  We’re up to delivery number four now, with three still waiting in the wings being paid off.  I think I’m hooked, and I love that when something new arrives we own it outright, with no interest to pay.

I was more than happy to post about MyLayby.com when they asked, as we are so satisfied with their service.

Right now I have a rather expensive camera (ssshhh don’t tell the Husband) on lay-by, and after I’d done this it was put on special. Usually with an in-store lay-by, you would still pay the price you originally put the item away for.  So I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from mylayby telling me that my camera is on sale now, and that they had knocked the discount off the price of my one as well.  You’ve got to be happy with that.  Not to mention being able to stretch the payments out to a year and have the goods delivered to your door.  And for gadget lovers (like me), if there is an upgraded device released while you have an older model on layby, you will be sent the newest model.  Nice.

Now for the really good part.  Mylayby.com would like to give readers of Candys Family a freegift with their first lay-by, just enter candysfamily in the coupon spot at checkout you will receive a free Pop Art Tasty Baker with your order.  (Coupon code runs out 30/4/12 so be quick!)

One of these babies, our kids love it!

This little toaster does actually do what the box says it does, my girls baked up a mini choccy cake storm.  And here is what they managed to create with it.

I also have a giveaway prize (thanks again to mylayby.com) for expectant parent readers of mine.  Incidentally MyLayby is a good place to get organised for baby as well 😉

I have a book pack containing three books for you!  Comment below for your chance to win a copy of Babys 1st Splash Picture book, A World of Baby Names (75,000 names from around the world with meanings and origins) and a beautiful Baby Record Book featuring traditional nursery rhymes. I will draw a winner on 20/3/12 (Australian entries only, sorry) Good Luck, and tell your expectant friends!


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Finally I’ve got the kid contained!

Does anyone remember how hard a time I had a year ago trying to keep Henry (Future Dark Overlord) in his seat belt?  Fast forward a year and his evil apprentice Charlie is doing the same thing, I’ve spent a small fortune trying to keep these kids strapped into the car properly.  We were pulled over by the local constabulary recently, and there was Charlie pulling his arms out ready to get out and meet the nice policeman. Our excuse that he’d only done this as the car stopped was not bought.  A lecture on the safety of children in cars followed, I didn’t have to balls to tell the officer that I had considered gaffa taping the kid to the chair in the name of safety, the kid is just that hard to keep in his seat.

So my search for a device to keep them in seats resumed, I happened upon the Houdini Stop.


It is a simple yet sturdy little addition to the baby seat belt, and Charlie is yet to work out how to get it off – hurrah!  He does try to try to wiggle his arms out through the now much smaller neck hole, but a tightening of the seat straps sorts that out.  Job done.  No places to catch little fingers, no damage or modification to the baby car seat.  I needed this thing years ago!  That kid is going nowhere, I can put away the gaffa tape 😉  I don’t think I need to say much more than that, just that it works, oh and that they are available in Australia at Baby Bunting and Pram Warehouse for around twenty dollars.

Another clever device the Houdini Stop people have come up with are Houdini Locks, made specifically for poosplosions!  I think we’ve all had one at least one morning when you are woken by the aroma, not of brewing coffee but a poo storm, the result of a removed nappy and walls painted brown by your baby.  Houdini Locks are little clips designed to help prevent baby ripping off their disposable nappies, they’re also good for doing up a nappy when you have accidentally ripped the whole velcro tab thing off when putting on a new one (I do this all the time!).

Thanks to the lovely people at Houdini Stop I have a set of Houdini Locks to give away, just comment below to go into the draw.  Drawn on 12/3/12


Disclaimer: I received a free product sample from Houdini Stop in order to road test and write this review.


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