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Sweet as…

I’VE been travelling around New Zealand these past two weeks with my daughters, making the trek from one end to the other. It’s their first overseas trip, and first time to New Zealand for us all. There was a few reasons for going there; first there was the desire to check an item off the old bucket list, as you tend to want to do after you hit the big four-o. Sharing a big adventure with my girls, was a memory I really wanted them to have. Then there was the geek factor, we decided to find The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit filming locations. About two days into our journey, I realised that about 80 per cent of New Zealand’s roads resembled goat tracks. And every second vehicle I came across was a camper van that was almost always being driven on the wrong side of the road, by lost German tourists also embarking on their own once in a life time adventure.

After a serious discussion with the navman about avoiding the roads less travelled, because I’m fairly sure there are rules about taking the rental car on dirt roads, we settled in for what turned out to be the most spectacular road trip I’ve had to date. Albeit a somewhat hair raising one, given the mammoth landslides we encountered on the South Island. Armco safety railings are apparently for wusses in New Zealand. First big stop was at the Shire, and we got a taste of just how big The Lord of the Rings movies are in New Zealand. Every tour guide we met at different places had been in the movies in some way. They even have a Minister for The Lord of the Rings, if director Peter Jackson needs something he has a direct line to call, as one would expect if they are singlehandedly responsible for saving a nations economy… Read the whole story here.

The above is an excerpt from my column that you can find at the Goulburn Post.

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Deaf head.

I’m counting down to turning 40.  I have had grand visions of treating myself to a break away from these bast… the family, and chaos, just a bit of me time to let my mind settle.  However these things take planning, around six months is the usual time frame for me to get a day off, and usually the very next day after I get home there is little doubt that I will be required to accompany a child to hospital, and spend three days camped in an uncomfortable chair next to a cranky kid.  Man I’ve racked up the care flight chopper miles lately.

But I digress.

Turning 40 people! Can’t wrap my head around it.  At the age of 41 my

mum became a grandmother. I can’t be that old can I?  My eldest turned 18 this year, I must be.  I was thinking about my mum and wondered was she thinking the same thing then, as I am now? I can’t possibly have an adult child.  These are the things you come to realise only when you are older, our parents would’ve thought the same thoughts had the same fears hopes dramas, yet at the time we just figured they had old people thoughts.  Because we (as teenagers) thought they were like 100 years old, and not in their late 30’s.

My 12 year old daughter thinks I’m ancient and uncool. Also my music sucks

. When did she turn on me? Oh well, the rest of the kids under 10 in the house are rocking on to whatever I play, or make them watch.  They will love all forms of sci-fi or I have failed at parenting.  I already have them quoting Hyperdrive.

Anyways…. you might be wondering what on earth the title was about? Deaf head.  That is me.  Yup I’ve gone deaf.  Before I turn 40 I have had to get hearing aides, yep that deaf. (Damage caused by antibiotics, but that’s another story for another time)  They are the most expensive earrings I’ll ever own and they don’t even have diamonds on them!

So all these little things keep getting in my way of planning my 40th birthday, expensive things.  Must find a way to remedy this.  When my mum turned 50 I took her away for the weekend to a posh hotel, as I realised

that her 40th went unnoticed. This coming year we roll around to her 60th, and now she really doesn’t seem old to me.



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Stika-Lulu – Collectable Swap Card Stickers

Stika-LuLu are collectable stickers on swap cards, I found them very appealing due to their Tokidoki X Sanrio style artwork (and well you all know how I feel about Tokidoki).  And if I wasn’t approaching an age where I’d look like a total goose, I’d have a mobile phone case covered in these stickers for sure.

My daughter on the other hand asked, so what do you do with them? Ah. Um. Well you do what you are doing with them right now, collect them, swap them, and assemble them in this pretty folder and gaze upon them.

Clearly my girl is not the collecting type, this kind of thing would have excited me as child no end.  Pffft kids today.  Do kids still collect things?

So, if you collect enough stickers you can create a large picture with the backs of the cards, lets see you do that with stamps 😉  Overall I found the quality of the sticker cards, tin and folder to be quite good and the artwork is just fun.  And if you have a collecting kind of kid, which I apparently don’t, these would probably be a win. There are lots of different kinds of stickers to collect gem, puffy, water filled, glittery, holographic.  All designed by the “Lulu Girls”, which I hear are now available as dolls.   There is also a great interactive website, where you can enter the codes on your swap cards and play games etc.  Thanks again to Moose International for sending us Stika-LuLu to test out.


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I’m a believer!

Managed to round-up the crowd, and unbelievably got them together with only one of them crying, for a Santa photo today.  So I give you, result!

Our eldest girl Lucy is just getting to that age, where she is not too sure Santa is real.  Her friends have told her: It’s your mum, but I know she still holds out hope that he is real, don’t we all.

Today our Santa (one of Santa’s shopping centre stunt doubles) happened to be a friend of mine, so when our crowd arrived to crush him and steal all his goodies, he was ready to chat to Lucy about being naughty.

I wish I had a camera ready to catch the look on her face, Santa knew her name and he knew specifically how she had been naughty.  Priceless. 

She spent the afternoon debating what Santa said, and how could he possibly know about her, with the neighbours kid.  Pondering and questioning me still when she went to bed “you rang Santa didn’t you Mummy, how could he know that?”.

I think we have a believer for at least one more year 🙂

PS: I need your vote for the Top 25 Aussie blogs.

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Running, Red shirts and the runs.

You know how sometimes things seem to be on a roll, when it comes to a run of bad luck.  I’ve had one of those months, I think August can just take a hike now.   I’m not going to bring you down with the details, ok maybe just a few but hey this is my blog to do with as I please 😉   The pressure has been on this month, with lots of requests (if I haven’t got to your email yet, I am sorry).  This crowd of mine has needed my attention, we are the House of Sharts this week. 

Four of the kids have had fevers and the sharts this week, so I’ve had them home all week.  Yep, things are getting a little twitchy for yours truly.  Once again I am jealous of the Husband, for getting to leave this chamber of farts everyday and play with adults.  It doesn’t help that at least three of the kids cannot speak without shouting,  as I type Georgie is reading to herself on the lounge – I’m sure the neighbors are enjoying storytime too.

Georgie has been particularly unwell this month, having two seizures last week just to add to the mayhem.  Seeing your child like this, would crack the toughest nut.

So I’m guessing we’ll be back on the investigation/tests train again, since the last lot didn’t give us anything to go on with.  I like to mention that the staff in the triage at Goulburn Hospital are awesome.  They had so much on their plates that night, yet they still took the time to explain everything and even bring me sandwiches and tea, as I’d arrived at the hospital starving and not able to go get a drink.  She is fine now, she took a few days to come good this time.  And still managed to barrack for her Dad and sister at the City2Surf last weekend.


A huge thank you to everyone that support their fundraising effort.  They passed their goal of $500, raising $624 for the Autism Advisory and Support Service.   Lucy wore her medal for two days afterwards. 

That same weekend the news broke about the missing boy Daniel Morcombe, after all these years police finally have an arrest.  Their parents asked the nation to wear red on the Monday the suspect was to front court, to show support for Daniel.  So we did.

I know this has been a long post, and not my usual stuff but I didn’t want to bombard everyone with each topic in a separate post.  And I’m not done, I have one more thing to ask of you.

Do you shop at Coles?  If you happen to have some of those sports for schools vouchers around, would you consider sending them my way?  Our kids attend a special school, that doesn’t have as  many students as a mainstream school would have.  So if you have any spare it’d be great if they could be contributed to our little school, so they can get much-needed new equipment.  I’ll even send you a stamped envelope to do so, just message me.  If you are in the Goulburn area please drop them off with Brian Hill at the Goulburn Post, he has kindly offered to help collect them on my behalf.  (Thanks again Brian).

Oh and one last thing.  Due to our household mayhem, which I really haven’t filled you all in on here, the draw for the Baby Monitor was delayed.  So the winner is…..  Veronica Harvey.    Thank you to all my new and old followers for clicking on those little boxes, I really do appreciate your support and readship of my blog 🙂



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