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Score from a splash!

This little shot I took of my boy and his big splash won them an iPad, they are very happy little men.

GoPro for the win again! I’ve started just keeping it in my handbag, because you never know. Something good to photograph always pops up when you are camera less.

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The sugar hit…

Look at them, two fluffy pink balls of sweet sugary goodness, that tipped me over the edge.

Sugary little bastards.

My midweek ritual of hot chocolate and late brekky with my wee men is no more, and I didn’t think I was missing them.

Until they sat my hot chocolate in front of me. Those two little marshmallows are stolen by my wee men every time. But not today. And I had a little bit of a wobble for the first time about the kids being at school, didn’t see that coming. Those damn marshmallows.

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How’s the serenity?

Today was our last first day. The wee men started school.

All dressed and ready to go, how cute are they?!

That’s a pretty darn adorable photo, if I do say so myself, almost made me rethink sending them both off to school.  I do have a few doubts that the smallest one is ready for it, but then again if an evil plan is afoot he is usually the mastermind behind it. So he’s probably going to do ok.

That meant that today was my first real day off in I don’t know how long, and I have SO much to do. So much I don’t even know where to start.

So you know what I did? I took the dog for a two hour walk. Then I came home and ran myself a hot bath using up all those pretty smelling potions, the ones that people keep giving me because they think I have time to have baths, then hopped in to read and soak. Lucky for me my iPad has a waterproof cover, because I fell asleep in the tub, that hasn’t happened in at least a decade. A DECADE PEOPLE!

I feel rested. The house is a shambles, but fuck it, I feel good.  I might even let the children back in the house this afternoon.

All six at school!!!


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Marble Boy

As I type today’s post I am waiting for a surgeon somewhere in the southern region of NSW, to call us back to tell is they can deal with this….

Yep, that’s a marble sitting in the wee mans stomach, and it’s been there ten days. Hasn’t moved one way or the other.

Now I don’t want to get into the saga that our local health providers have put us through, let’s just say the complaint letter will be long, about as long as the wait for hospital admission.

He ate the marble at preschool, another thing that we’re very pleased about. Yeah.

Have your kids eaten anything they shouldn’t have? How long before it came out again?

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Little brothers

The wee men are prepping to start kindy next year, so we found the smallest uniforms we could find, and dressed them up ready for their first orientation day. Can I get an awwwwww?
I had to take their pants about 20cm, awwwww. The littlest bloke loved it, and surprised us with taking to it better than anyone expected. Awwwwww. This means I will have all of my babies at school next year, is it too early to book the ticker tape parade? Oh the jobs I will finally get done!

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