Who is who in the zoo?

There is me, of course.  The Mamma aka Mumzilla aka Attila the Mummy

The Husband – that guy who turns up in the evenings, and helps me sort out the days carnage. Keeps me warm at night.

Taran – My big guy.  Teenager.  Enough said.

Thomas – My big Autie boy.  He doesn’t say much, but lets us know he is the boss loud and clear.

Lucy – Daughter.  Self appointed nag.  Beautiful.

Georgie – Also beautiful.  Not too sure where these girls get their looks from.  Also autistic.  Loud, flamboyant. Doesn’t stop singing. Ever.

Henry – Three years old.  Future Dark Overlord of the world.  Recently diagnosed PDD-NOS.  Can probably start fires with his thoughts.

Austin – Picture of innocence.  Two years old, blonde hair blue eyes.  Who can argue with that?  Talents include counting to five on his fingers.

Charlie – Recently discovered the advantages of two-wheel drive over four.  Owns everything below two feet. 

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  1. Sarah

    I know Lucy and your right and by the sound of it her siblings are great to

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