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I write way more consistantly over at the Goulburn Post, find the links to my fortnightly column below.

UPDATE: I finally have a new landing page at the paper again! You can find it here.

Evan needs your help – March 2013

Take a holiday, go back to work – Feb 2013

Valentines Day lamented – Feb 2013

The big question is why? – Feb 2013

The great outdoors, and six kids – Jan 2013

Banking our lives on technology – Dec 2012

Some bastard threw a log at my car from a bridge! – Nov 2012

Phishing out the scammers – Nov 2012

Wall to wall action in China – Nov 2012

The sensationalism Olympics – July 2012

Learning the parent teacher night lingo – July 2012

Those bogan first names – what were they thinking? – Nov 2011

Childs play it certainly isn’t – Aug 2011

Loyally local but it has limitations – Aug 2011

Running for Autism – July 2011

I’m not kidding, things are different – July 2011

Multi tasking is just kids’ play for mums – July 2011


You will notice that there are a LOT column posts missing from this list.  The Goulburn Post recently went through a site facelift, and it appears a lot of things need to be fixed up still.  So as they (hopefully) reappear I will put them back up here.  I am aware that the new site does looks a lot like a blog, not my handiwork but thanks for thinking so (they were nice messages to get).

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