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Ok, so things got worse before they got better.

You all remember the chaos of May, well unfortunately things just didn’t seem to settle down after that.  Things went from busy to crazy, and I got sick.  So I did what all mums of too many kids do in these circumstances, let it slide, took some painkillers and tried to get on with things.  Turns out I had a pretty nasty antibiotic resistant infection, and I was dangerously sick.  Luckily we have an awesome doctor who sorted me out very quickly, after I finally managed to limp into his office.  It was a scary way to receive a message about looking after myself.  Quite often parents do let their needs slide, mostly because you just can’t find the time, the money or the babysitters, to take yourself off to the doctor and get checked out.  This is what I did.  Dumb I know.  I’m still not quite back up my usual healthy self, but not far. I resolve to not let this happen again, hopefully not famous last words…

After all this the school holidays came along, I know…. groan…. and it is minus a witches tit here in Goulburn at the moment.  So I thought bugger it, lets go to the beach.  We discovered that the south coast of new south wales was experiencing some unseasonably warm weather, yay!!!!    I forced myself to be cheerful and what do you know, it rubbed off on the kids with fairly acceptable behaviour from most of them.  Even our big Autie boy kept it together for a three hour whale watching trip.  I can’t believe I even considered that boat ride, must’ve still been delirious.

We are frequent visitors to the South Coast and during the last couple of years, we have been trying to do or see something there, that we’ve not done before.  So far we’ve been pretty successful 🙂

Hope you enjoy these few pictures, I will pop some more of the region up in a later post.


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The Chocolate Diet – two weeks in.

If you didn’t already know about it I’m on a diet, the Chocolate Diet to be exact.  You can read about how it started here.  I’ve been on a get fit plan since the start of the year, but injury got in the way and I stalled.  Sitting up there in the top of the overweight range for my height, and somewhat startled because I really didn’t think I was that bad.  I’ve managed (albeit very slowly) to lose ten kilos over the past year according to my little Wii Fit chart, and I still cannot fathom where I was holding all that weight. I really couldn’t. I really didn’t think I was that heavy, but don’t we all?   So I started the Chocolate Diet at 75.3 kilos two weeks ago.

My Wii me is not thrilled
The Chocolate Diet has fitted in nicely with the school holidays for me as the minions are eating us out of house and home, my lunch soon gets stolen unless I can clutch it tightly in my fist.  At the start I was feeling very tired, but got into the vitamin B and sorted that out, I haven’t been hungry on this diet either.  I have tried a couple of other versions of diet shakes and have found that I am ravenous by 2pm, and neither brand tasted as good as this one.  So I’ve managed to stay the course and the weight started to drop off nicely, that little hurdle in the middle is there because I went away and ate crap over the easter weekend and forgot to pack my shakes.  I totally forgot, really 😉

The weight started to drop off

Here is how it works:   The Chocolate Diet is a thoroughly researched, scientifically proven program that combines a scrumptious eating plan with our delicious Chocolate Diet Shakes to help you get your diet on track and your life back in control. Designed for quick results and tailored to your lifestyle you can use The Chocolate Diet Program for a short time if you just need to drop a few kilos, or you can use it for an extended time if you have a more significant weight loss goal. This Program Guide will explain exactly what to eat, when to eat and how much. All you need to do is follow the guide to achieve your desired results. You won’t go hungry. In fact, you’ll eat more often!

On The Chocolate Diet Program we recommend you eat six meals, rather than the usual three:

  • One meal will be more substantial, which we call your Main Meal Option, usually your dinner meal but you can swap with your lunch meal
  • Two meals will be Snack Meals Options
  • Two of your meals will be your Chocolate Diet Shakes
  • One meal will be your Chocolate Treat, preferably after dinner

In addition to the foods listed here you should aim to drink around two litres of water (6 – 8 glasses) each day. You can also have 2 – 3 cups of coffee or tea each day however avoid milky coffees like lattes or cappuccinos as they contain extra carbs.

Look for it in Priceline

Flexibility – The Key to Success  The best thing is the daily program can be shuffled around to meet your lifestyle. For example, you may want to move your Dinner to Lunch and have a Chocolate Diet Shake at dinner. Or perhaps you may want to swap a Lighter Meal Option with a Shake of Main Meal. However your day pans out, you simply need to fit in your Main Meal, 2 Snack meals Options, 2 shakes, and your Chocolate Treat each day. In fact, you can substitute any of the Snack Meals Options or Main Meal Options with the equivalent meals listed on this website. We’ve designed The Chocolate Diet to fit into your lifestyle and family needs – not the other way round!

Now two weeks in I find myself a little further down the Wii chart, with a loss of 2.4 kilos! Yeah I’m pretty happy with that, and I’m continuing to go down. I’ve managed to add in some light exercise (can’t bounce just yet) trying to tone things up here and there.


The consultant from the Chocolate Diet was very encouraging during her weekly calls to me, and I even chatted to the creator of Dr Lily on facebook about the diet (you can do that too on Monday nights).  Thanks again for asking me to be your test blogger Chocolate Diet, six more weeks to go!

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE:  Last week I saw a fab pair of jeans on sale, there was only size 12 left.  So I bought them and I decided that they would be my weight loss goal pants.  Yesterday I decided to try them on, AND THEY FITTED!!!  Size 12! I haven’t been that size since 1999 🙂

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The Chocolate Diet

Recently I got very busy and ambitious and started down the road to a new career, one I was absolutely busting my arse to do.  I lost a LOT of weight, got through the job interview, had it in the bag.  Started doing the assessment, then I got injured.  So, I won’t be pressing on with that plan, and damn it was a good plan.  To say I’m disappointed is an understatement.  On the bright side I did lose weight and get fit, but now I’ve discovered I have an injury, an injury that has stalled my weight loss journey (can’t run, too bouncy).  In these three weeks I haven’t been able to train, despite watching my food intake I’ve put back on a kilo and a half. Not happy. And yesterday my elliptical trainer broke. Even more unhappy.

As luck would have it I was contacted by The Chocolate Diet, and they asked if I’d like to try it out for eight weeks, and since I have at least 10 kilos to go before I hit my goal weight and because the word chocolate was mentioned. Belgian chocolate no less. OF COURSE I SAID YES. Now a little note before we get into this.  I am not a dietitian and my promotion and subsequent discussion of this product should not replace a health professionals advice when commencing a diet or training plan.  

Now like I said. I was training to do this…

But I found out that this is kinda stuffed…

So I need to wind the exercise back a smidgen, for a little while.  Today I started the Chocolate Diet, and I will do so with the help of the website and one of their lovely consultants.  I’ve just downloaded my eight week plan from the website, and you can get your program by signing up to the website (for free) using the barcode on your shakes box.

In two weeks time I will give you an update on how I’m doing, and tell you much much more about how the program works, whether I like it yadda yadda yadda 😉  So far the shakes are scrummy, and taking care of my chocolate cravings.

In the meantime, to kick things off I have an Easter giveaway for you. Easter is all about the chocolate, which sucks for those of us trying to avoid the calories.  The lovely people at The Chocolate Diet believe that they can help with the cravings this easter and would like to give one of my readers one weeks supply of product to get them underway.

Check it out here...

To be in the draw just comment below to go into the draw (with a valid email address, that of course will not be published) and let me know if your weight loss journey needs a chocolatey push along. I know mine did!  I will draw the winner on March 31st (Easter Sunday).  Good luck 🙂



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Back to Reality

In mid September I nicked off to China, for a much anticipated much longed for much needed, trip away on my own.  Time out for mummy. For the first time in probably a decade,  I shit you not I haven’t had time alone for more than a few hours for years. But before I get into that and bore you all with the some 2000 photos I took, let me tell about my homecoming.

I hopped off the plane from China and straight into the car to head to the South Coast to enjoy some beach time with the kids for the rest of the school holidays.

However four days later my holiday looked like this…

That’s Tom underneath all that equipment, with a ventilator helping him to keep breathing.  How did this happen?!  He woke up as usual all smiles at stupid o’clock, and annoyed us for his iPad and something to eat.  Next thing we know he is having a seizure which lasted an hour.  It took half and hour for the ambulance to arrive, and in that time I had all manner of scary visions of the state of health of the boy who may emerge from the seizure.  We did not see this coming.  He had not been unwell at all, and only the day before we hit the beach. There he is doing his little autie dance in the water.

How did we get from that to this?  He had a big response to anti seizure medication which meant his respiratory system shut down.  I had an agonising wait with him being manually ventilated for hours in front of me at the hospital, until the chopper team arrived and they took over with better equipment.  For the love of god will someone do some fundraising for Milton Hospital?!

Thankfully he has come through it all, and is seemingly his usual self.  I have to tell you I was scared for him.  I worried that he may have brain damage.  I worried about his future quality of life, considering it isn’t that great in the first place, what if it made him worse?  After a while he came good, and he had a mountain of tests while he was unconscious.  The result of those tests?  Sweet fuck all.  Yeah, nothing.  There is nothing they can find that may indicate anything.  So yay for no illness or whatever, but what am I supposed to do with that?  As a precaution he is being medicated as if he has epilepsy and we wait and see if he does it again.  He is back at school and under close watch, keeping me nervous at night for a while too.  So much for this mummy going out and getting a job any time soon 🙁

I finally made it home a couple of days before school went back, and only just unpacked my China shopping three days ago!  It feels like an eon ago that I went away.  I feel like I need another break, but it seems it all goes to pot around here when I leave (but that is another story).

China story and pictures to come.  Soon.


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Alright already, I know I look tired.

In the past week I’ve had several people tell me that I look tired.  Damn man I thought I was looking all that, and a bag of potato chips.  I even remembered to wear make up.

Change the light bulb in the bathroom, and okay…. yep I look a little tired, a lot tired.  I look like shite.

So today I’m going to start a 10 Day Detox – the kit supplied to me to try by the nice people at Brauer Natural Medicine – contains all I need to rid my body of toxins that are sucking away at my energy apparently.   The kit comes special additives to go in that two litres of water we all drink everyday (right?), a helpful instruction book and suggested diet plan, and a list of stuff to avoid – starring chocolate.  Chocolate people!  This in going to be tough.  So expect ranting cranky chocolate deprived tweets to hit twitter, any hour now.

I had planned on testing this on the Husband, he is often my product testing guinea pig 😉  But I think I need the energy this time.  Wish me luck, and a strong constitution.

Brauer also want to give one of you guys (my gorgeous readers) some lovely natural medicine products, and in the coming weeks I’ll be posting an update about how this went and how you can get goodies 🙂



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