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I consider myself a ‘jack of all trades’, there isn’t much I haven’t had to learn to do 😉 I am also a mother of seven kids, yes seven. All offers of buying us a television will be taken seriously. I am recently ‘retired’ from law enforcement so I can better enforce the law at home, rather than on the street.  Former Northern NSW resident, now a resident of the Southern end. 😉

Four of our beautiful children are affected with Autism, a son who is on the spectrum as severe and a daughter who is moderate to mild, and another son with PDD and a speech delay.  I imagine that this blog will become an outlet for my ramblings about autism, child rearing, country living or whatever takes my fancy.  And hopefully it will be amusing for some?  Thanks for stopping by.

If you are from a PR or marketing company and wish to pitch something to me please scroll down to the bottom of the page for more information.

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PR & Marketing Information:  I am open to pitches from business owners, marketers or PR professionals.  If you are marketing a product or local event you would like me to talk about and promote please send me an email with a brief run down of what you would like from me and some information about your product or event.  I will let you know if I am willing to do the review or promotion by return email, and please assume any products you send my way will not be returned (except of course for really $$$ items).   My reviews will be honest and fair, and once it is up on my blog it will be linked to other social media services through which my followers will read it, this includes Networked Blogs on Facebook, RSS and my 3000+ followers on Twitter. Reviews are done in my timeframe, but I will try to get them out when you want them where possible.  Blogs are an excellent way to reach a lot of parent shoppers whose shopping time is limited to that which they see online, and boy do I know about that 😉  There is also limited advertising available on my blog (button space) do email me for details.  Thanks.

12 Responses to About Me…

  1. Wayne

    Welcome to Goulburn. i am sure you will love it here, we moved from Sydney to Goulburn 22 years ago and never looked back.



    • Thanks Wayne, hopefully we will meet around the tracks 😉
      Eventually I will start getting into things in the community and hopefully meet a few of the people from Goulburn I have come to know via my blog. 🙂

  2. Danielle

    I am new to this page, i just googled autism and ipads and your lovely page popped up. I have two boys with autism and live on NSW’s central coast 🙂
    Wow, you must have your hands full with 7 children. How do you find the time for yourself?

    • Hello Danielle,
      Thanks for saying Hi!
      Yes I am an EXTREMELY busy person, but we manage 😉 But time for myself, what is that?
      I hope I’ll hear more from you soon.

  3. I love your blog. I’m happy to see other mums and passionate people share their stories and experience with others. My son is being diagnosed with very mild autism and right now just waiting on the diagnosis on paper. I look forward to reading your blog and learning from you, both from your experience as a mother and your knowledge in marketing/PR. Good job, keep it up! Rhonda

    • Thanks so much for dropping in Rhonda. I hope I hear more from you, feel free to message me if you ever need to – the diagnosis road can be really tough going some days.

  4. Nice to find another Australian Mummy ASD blogger.

  5. Hello Candy, the blog looks fab, the green is my very favourite colour and header is very pretty.

  6. lookHi looked up blogs and Goulburn and was thrilled to find your blog i have three sons on teh spectrum and only one left at home and we are thinking of moving to goulburn near my mum soon,As i am alone with my son i was trying to get a feel for goulburn and the people i may meet,so far am loving your blog,

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