Lemme take a selfie!

THE Selfie: noun – A photograph that one has taken of oneself and uploaded to social media. This is the definition that can be found in the Oxford dictionary, for real.

This week we heard the announcement that Kim Kardashian, (no not the aliens from Star Trek, I know I make the same mistake too) is publishing a book of selfies. A 352-page photo essay called Selfish is soon to hit book stores, that’s a picture of Kim for every day of the year. Now for the uninitiated Ms Kardashian is famous for … honestly, I couldn’t figure it out. I looked her up and came up with looking pretty on television being the most probable job description for her, but she was once Paris Hiltons assistant.

The idea of publishing a book full of ones own image, more specifically just snaps you’ve taken on your phone while laying on the beach, to me doesn’t seem like art. Sure, artists have been painting selfies for centuries, it was cheaper than hiring a model to practice on, but still it is art. I’m guilty of the occasional selfie, but I save them for when I’m doing something awesome, you know, like standing on the Great Wall. I believe a selfie at these moments is kind of compulsory, but the day you get a new pair of shoes is not.

A book full of self portraits is not a new thing.  20 years ago Madonna…   Click through to read the whole story here.

The above is an excerpt from my column that you will find in the Goulburn Post.

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