To do: Annoy Mum – check.

Mum I’m bored. Yes of course the go to person for fun ideas, would definitely be the lady you find sorting laundry, she is having loads of fun. It seems that the plethora of toys and games strewn about the place, are unable to hold their attention for more than the time it took them to drop it on the floor, and leave there. My planning for these coming school holidays isn’t going so well, ok it hasn’t happened at all. I don’t think my nomination for parent of the year, is going to come through anytime soon.

It is clear that my time management skills need a serious review, so let’s examine them shall we?

The cornerstone of a good time management plan is the To Do list, and I have plenty on mine. The much touted essential, for getting stuff done. You can create a daily list of the things you’re never going to get around to, and you know why? This is because creating lists, and remembering what it was you were supposed to be doing, takes up time. The plus side is that creating lists, makes us feel like we’ve achieved something. Then comes the prioritising, and this is tough. What needs doing first? This can take up even more time, because it has to be absolutely right, right?

Once I have my finished to do list, I then need to find exactly the right kind of way to present it. Be it on paper or electronically, seriously the medium matters. Otherwise how will people know I’ve got a to do list as long as your arm, if I can’t show it off proudly on all forms of social media, for friends to gasp at and ask; how do I do it? I think we all know the answer to that one. I need to outsource.

I need a parental personal assistant, not just my spouse because he is as busy as me, but someone else. Someone impartial to create those lists, and tick things off after they’ve given you a little nudge to do so. Your own personal cheerleader, like we are for our kids, this would be the ultimate in motivation. This just might help us deal with some of that mother guilt too. Model parenthood here we come.

The thing is, our kids don’t care what is on our to do lists, they have their own set of priorities. Sure a lot of the time it may seem that their priorities are set at; eat everything, make mess and annoy mummy, but you know what? These are all cumulative towards their one and only goal, and that is having fun. I like a list with only thing on it to do.


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  1. Here’s an idea: make one of the offspring your P.A. ?

  2. LOL. How many times this very weekend was I accosted whilst:
    carrying laundry/doing dishes/cleaning/weeding. The suggestion that they HELP seems to quiet the requests…briefly.

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