Funny how things work out.

My red curtain of rage over my car accident has been swept aside, well not totally but tweaked open at least.  Actually I don’t like to call it an accident, that implies it wasn’t on purpose, so we’ll call it an incident eh?  Anyways, things are finally starting to come together a little after the chaos of the last few months, and I had a bit of time to think about it and I recalled something.

Something a bit silly but it made me stop and think, and do a bit of a Bill & Ted Woah…

When I had my incident I was doing the school run, which I do a few times a day five days a week, and for some months the council was doing roadworks that I had to go through. I would go through these roadworks several times a day, there was no other route around them.  One morning only around a week after they’d started a stout looking bloke on site stood up and gave me a big cheerful wave, it was clear that halfway through his wave he worked out I wasn’t who he thought I was. Don’t you hate that, always a bit awkward.  Still I returned his wave, he just looked so cheerful.  This appeared to confuse him, was he wondering if maybe he did know me now? Who knows.

Two hours later I drove by again, and the stout man waves. I see the ‘ah crap‘ look cross his face, as he realises he has waved to some stranger again, but I still wave back.  Three hours later I drive by (yes I do some milage during school terms), this time I was looking for him and ready with a big double thumbs up for stout man.  He laughed and waved back.

And so it began, everyday I drove by and the stout man would wave. After a few days his coworkers started to wave with him, who knows what they were thinking. Who is this crazy waving woman?  It became something to smile about on the boring school run, sometimes they even called out a big ‘Hey there’ as I went by in my dirty black van (filthy from driving through the roadworks many times a day).  Even the kids started waving.  I made a mental note that one of these days I should stop and drop them all off a cold drink, and say a real hello, but as things do around here they get busy. By the time I was organised to do that, the job was done.  Waving stout man had moved a few streets over, and I only saw him once a day, the hello wave stopped. Oh well I thought.

Little did I know that on the day of my ‘incident’ a few weeks later, that these blokes would matter.  Because they happened to be in their truck behind me when the collision occurred. Stout waving man got straight out and checked we were ok, another worker got out his lollipop sign and stopped traffic until the cops got there.  They all waited like burly bodyguards with me, as the husband of the other driver arrived and started carrying on.  The stout man and his coworkers once again there to make things a little better, and I don’t think they even knew it.  I still didn’t get a chance to say to them, hey guys its me the nutter in black van!  Thanks guys.

See, a little bit of friendly does go a long way.  Ok in a somewhat silly way but hey now that I think about it… it’s well woah.

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