Polaroid Z2300 Digital Instant Camera – A review.

You all know that I am seldom without a camera about my person, I take around 1000 shots a month of which maybe a get 50 printed. If that.  I just lose track of which ones I wanted to do, forget, don’t have the paper or the toner, or space in the budget to pay someone else.  So you can imagine how the idea of a digital camera that you can edit and print from, was an attractive one.

My dad had an old polaroid camera, you would remember them as the kind that spat a square picture out the front and the picture slowly developed before your eyes.  I loved that camera, I still have some of the prints from it.  Polaroid is that camera brand that everyone has a little nostalgia for.  Enter the new Polaroid z2300 Digital Instant camera.  I was excited to get my hands on one.

 Yes it does look and feel like a little brick.  It does have a 10mp camera in it though, and takes fairly good quality pictures, but…

And you knew the but was coming didn’t you.  I’m not happy with it.

I will start with the good stuff.  It instantly prints 2×3 photos, which is fun and a novelty at events.  It takes 10MP photos.  The prints are stickers too, which makes scrapbooking easy for the so inclined.  You can make multiple prints of one picture, an option not available in traditional polaroid.  The photo you took was the one and only copy in those days. There is built in editing (minimal but some), framing graphics and colour hue options.  You can put an SD card in for loads more memory, it shoots video too.  It has old school switches for the functions like macro to landscape.  With a nice big LCD screen on the back.

Bad stuff… It is heavy and bulky.  I’ve nearly dropped it a few times. Awkward. It really needs a purpose built case, as the power button can be easily knocked on, even in a camera bag.  I end up carrying it with the battery out to stop this happening, as I was getting my camera out finding it on or flat.  The lens is weeny, like a mobile phone lens, sans the autofocus.   The door catch for the paper (film) loading is flimsy, I’ve bumped it open twice. The battery door rattles too, whats the story there?  The resulting prints are not that great, they are often very dark and kinda blue, yet the digital image is pretty good.  The built in frames are kinda dinky and look cheap, like I’ve used a dodgy free app on my mobile.  I can’t rate the software that came with the camera, because it doesn’t work in a mac and I haven’t been directed to a download.

Verdict… Made for fun.  Don’t expect anything more and you’ll be right.

The resulting print from the camera.

The digital image – see, not that bad right?!

The 2x3 print of Miss Georgie

The 2×3 print of Miss Georgie

The digital image, much brighter.

The digital image, much brighter.










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6 Responses to Polaroid Z2300 Digital Instant Camera – A review.

  1. I love Polaroid cameras, I hadn’t come across this one though I haven’t exactly been looking having just replaced my Canon D-SLR. I love how it incorporates the digital aspect, that would be so handy. I have the Fuji Instax, it’s just a fun little thing but there have been some photos that I wish we had copies of an it’s not possible. It’s a pity about the weight though – I don’t think I could add any more weight to my already heavy handbag, I guess you just can’t have it all!

  2. Noni

    I purchased a polaroid Z2300 and a packet of 30 film.
    The first set of prints were excellent. But the second set turned a blueish tone. I’m from Australia Victoria, and we are currently experiencing a heatwave with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees. There is no heat warning on the box but I was wondering if the film was heat affected? or if anyone else has had this issue.

    Kind regards

  3. C j

    Hello, I am just looking at getting one of these and this is the first really bad review I’ve seen. Did you find out about the heat effect on the film? And have you used the white “original Polaroid” look frame? I really want to see what this looks like as I think ill use it on most.. Thanks for your help 🙂

    • Thanks For commenting Cj, I haven’t tried the framed film in this model Polaroid as they don’t seem to make it for it. I believe there are differing printing processes involved, and that’s why it’s frame less. But I haven’t checked out the newer films, so it could be available now.
      I didn’t not get a response from Polaroid to my questions which was disappointing, and the shots I took with this camera have not aged well.
      But, my kids love it at birthday parties 🙂

  4. Anie

    I purchased my daughter a fuji instax 8 and myself a polaroid z2300. Very disappointed with mine and cost twice as much as my daughters, hers has great vibrant prints. I am looking at getting the new fuji wide instax camera as they seem to have better quality prints.

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