Mayhem May

Ever had one of those days when everything just doesn’t go quite to plan, have you ever encountered a week of crappy luck?  It can be pretty shit right?  For the month of May I seem to be copping crap after crap.  Especially happening to those around me that I love, what’s the deal?  Must’ve run over a chinaman or six, to quote my more senior (and slightly racist at times) relatives.

So everything has been on hold this month.  I don’t write this post to garner sympathy.  I’m just journalling, as I do, our stuff.   There has been a tonne of little things going on this month, but there were two majors highlights to the month, herein known as Mayhem May.

Kicking off with our two little pooches passing away.  I miss them more than I ever thought I could miss a pet, these two were my little shadows even more so than the kids. Both of them were adopted pooches, and I couldn’t rate adopted dogs higher.  They were already house trained and good mannered dogs, they gave us so much adoration.  Meggsie was blind but you wouldn’t have known it, she could find me anywhere. So unfair.

The kids took it very badly at the time.  Henry (Future Dark Overlord) handled it with surprising maturity though.  He instructed us on what to do, telling us we had to have a funeral and get a stone to place on top of the grave.  Georgie wanted to carry a dead Meggsie to her little grave and Henry even wrote Chester a letter that he put in the grave with the dog.  In his pre writing scribble, it apparently said: Dear Chester, you are gone forever, The End.  😮 🙂

Meggsie & Chester

So I’d been moping about that for a little while, and then mothers day came along, and I enjoyed creations from the kids 🙂 Creations from the kids :)The very next day we get a call from the cops.  This had happened…

The much narrower FordMy mother and eldest son were in that car. Did your heart just skip a few beats? Mine sure did, actually it kept skipping for about a week, every time I looked at my injured patients.  The good news is despite rolling three times (man ford falcons are tough), being trapped in the car, one of them being airlifted to another town and both with suspected head injuries, they are getting better very quickly.  Amazingly they didn’t break any bones, very bruised and cut up however.  And very very lucky to be alive.  Neither of them can recall what or how it happened, and may never remember.  I don’t care what happened, I am just grateful they are still here.

So there you have it.  This is why your email is unanswered, but I will get there 😉  I have lots of catch up posts to come for you all.  Things can only get better now right?



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9 Responses to Mayhem May

  1. andrew bromley

    That’s not too good is it. Hope they’re okay. Enter the cute puppies 😉

    • Thanks Andrew.
      They are ok, and should make a full recovery with a few scars to tell the tale 😉

      I have been looking at the adoption pages today.
      I really miss having a pooch around the house.

      • andrew bromley

        Yes pets are a valuable addition to the home. I miss my Mr Puss-cat. Damn Strata Corp laws. Only for ego maniacs I say.
        Kids always have just the right words to say. That is so cute.
        Have a good night, only two more sleeps left for May 😉

  2. Danni

    RIP little puppies.
    I am so glad your mum and T are okay.

  3. Louise

    Here’s to jolly June hey! Love you x

  4. OMG that car, that car… it’s amazing that your loved ones weren’t hurt really seriously. Hope that all are fully recovered. Blooming heck!

  5. Jan

    What a terrible month! I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your loved pooches, I know what I was like when my little girl went, she wasn’t really little, she was quite large dog really, but still by baby lol, it’s been a year now and I still miss her terribly. But you and your family were certainly blessed the day of the accident, it’s amazing how they went though that and came out hardly hurt at all, but a real shame about the car. I hope the following months are really good for you:)

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