Today only, an AMAZING deal!

Dear Drivers, I’d like to introduce you to a nifty little gadget.  It’s a one of a kind, why didn’t anyone think of it before sort of invention that makes you wonder how you ever did without it before.

This innovation can save you hundreds or even thousands off your next smash repair bill, because the use of this fabulous little device can help you avoid a smash altogether. But what’s that I hear you say? You have so many buttons to push in your car already, you just don’t know how on earth you could coordinate using another one?  Well I have exciting news for you, this device can be operated with just your pinkie! How effortless is that.I know what your thinking.  Where can I obtain such a marvelous device? And just too excite you even more, for today only you can get two for the price of one.  That’s right, one for the left and right side of your vehicle, and it can be fitted to any kind of vehicle.

But hold your horses, and put down that phone, because you’re not going to believe what I’m going to tell you next.  If you have a vehicle then chances are you already own this amazing invention and didn’t know it!  Head out to your car and hop in the drivers seat and take a look behind the steering wheel, can you see two levers (I know! Where on earth did they come from?! The sales guy never mentioned those things! Maybe they appeared in the last software update?) Push the lever down and you’ll see a flashing light on the dash (it’s ok it is supposed to do that) now hop out and check out the front and back of the car.  How awesome are those matching flashing lights?  Those lights are called indicators and let everyone know where you are going, and it is the done thing to use them when going around corners.

Right now indicators are totally on trend, and now that you’ve got your own fabulous flashing indicators you’ll be on your way in up to date style.  Tell your friends, because everyone will want to know where you found yours.

Still not convinced? Then check out this amazing indicator action below, totally pimps my ride don’tcha think? And I just love to be seen accessorising 😉

Flashing fantastic!


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4 Responses to Today only, an AMAZING deal!

  1. Bogan

    Yeh, I hear where you are going with this, but out ere in Campbelltown, we can’t afford much hey, cause we got our ciggies and VB, pay tv, bar heaters, pot, and a bit left over for the pokies, then we got to feed our kids. Now this flasher thing you are proposing might work in the city and all, but we all know when you switch a light on, it’s gunna cost something, and I aint going to pay for some wanker behind me to know where I’m goin, none of his farken business hey. If I see a hole, I just jump right in, sometimes you get done up the rear, but that just life ey.

  2. ah sure those little lights are just for christmas !

  3. Trish

    Lol just saw a Funny ecard that said its no ones business where I am going .

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