Didn’t we do the holidays already?

Something doesn’t feel right.  School goes on holidays at the end of the week, but we’ve had easter. We’ve eaten the chocolate and been to the beach, the holidays are a done deal right?  How can this be, how can it be May in a couple of weeks?

I need to come up with some suitable holiday entertainment and fast, and something that can be done sans Mr Candysfamily as he has to work (yeah he missed working out the holidays are after easter too).  We also still have two small boys going to preschool throughout the holidays (because at that price they’re bloody well not missing it!), so I wonder if it will feel like a holiday or just days at home with the kids.  I’m betting on the later. I better get out there and buy copious amounts of food, as these kids seem to need to eat for around twelve hours a day when they’re at home.  That is the single most expensive thing for us on holidays, feeding the crowd.

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