The Chocolate Diet

Recently I got very busy and ambitious and started down the road to a new career, one I was absolutely busting my arse to do.  I lost a LOT of weight, got through the job interview, had it in the bag.  Started doing the assessment, then I got injured.  So, I won’t be pressing on with that plan, and damn it was a good plan.  To say I’m disappointed is an understatement.  On the bright side I did lose weight and get fit, but now I’ve discovered I have an injury, an injury that has stalled my weight loss journey (can’t run, too bouncy).  In these three weeks I haven’t been able to train, despite watching my food intake I’ve put back on a kilo and a half. Not happy. And yesterday my elliptical trainer broke. Even more unhappy.

As luck would have it I was contacted by The Chocolate Diet, and they asked if I’d like to try it out for eight weeks, and since I have at least 10 kilos to go before I hit my goal weight and because the word chocolate was mentioned. Belgian chocolate no less. OF COURSE I SAID YES. Now a little note before we get into this.  I am not a dietitian and my promotion and subsequent discussion of this product should not replace a health professionals advice when commencing a diet or training plan.  

Now like I said. I was training to do this…

But I found out that this is kinda stuffed…

So I need to wind the exercise back a smidgen, for a little while.  Today I started the Chocolate Diet, and I will do so with the help of the website and one of their lovely consultants.  I’ve just downloaded my eight week plan from the website, and you can get your program by signing up to the website (for free) using the barcode on your shakes box.

In two weeks time I will give you an update on how I’m doing, and tell you much much more about how the program works, whether I like it yadda yadda yadda 😉  So far the shakes are scrummy, and taking care of my chocolate cravings.

In the meantime, to kick things off I have an Easter giveaway for you. Easter is all about the chocolate, which sucks for those of us trying to avoid the calories.  The lovely people at The Chocolate Diet believe that they can help with the cravings this easter and would like to give one of my readers one weeks supply of product to get them underway.

Check it out here...

To be in the draw just comment below to go into the draw (with a valid email address, that of course will not be published) and let me know if your weight loss journey needs a chocolatey push along. I know mine did!  I will draw the winner on March 31st (Easter Sunday).  Good luck 🙂



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25 Responses to The Chocolate Diet

  1. Lou Evans

    Yum would love to try!

  2. Meg McWhirter

    Oh I am so desperately in need of any help I can get on my weight loss journey! i lost 18kgs last year but then gained 2 kgs over christmas and i have about 12 kgs to go to get to my weight loss goal and with 3 little kids to look after and a partner who works long hours i find it very hard to get motivated to go to the gym. I also crave chocolate so much and keep giving into these cravings. I would SO love to try this diet and I really look forward to seeing how you go with it Candy 🙂

  3. Bec

    Yes! I need a push – and chocolate would certainly help!!! I’ve put on about 10kg in about 18 months…I was doing so well but now I’m right back where I started and can’t seem to budge it 🙁

  4. rubina

    Under this shattered mother of two,
    There’s a supermodel who’s trying to break through!
    I’d work with confidence and vigour,
    Chocolate in one hand, confidence on the other
    Self esteem, image and to-die-for figure !

  5. Jo-Anna Apelt

    With 30 kgs to loss, you bet I need a chocolate helping hand.
    Hugs and love

  6. Ange Troy

    Does a bunny **** in the woods!!

  7. Janine

    Candy, I can so relate to your frustration. I got banished from chlorine (lap) swimming, my main form of exercise that I was motivated to stick to, because of major sinus related problems and am a bit far from the ocean (or salt water lap pool) too swim as regularly as I’d like (and sometimes when I get there my head’s too sinusy so I almost pass out from dizzyness before I make 100m!). So, after picking myself up from a messy breakup early last year I got into walking, combining it with my love of photography to help. Alas, I did so much of that I redeveloped an old foot injury. 6 months or so and many medical visits, tests, orthotics, etc. Later the journey to recovery is much longer than in my 20s, so I still have to minimise weight bearing on that foot. Extra weight doesn’t help, but there aren’t many exercise options left so that leaves watching food, and with more man troubles, any help to lose weight while enjoying chocolate would be great!

  8. melanie w

    I would love a helping hand in the form of a chocolatey push to get back on track to losing 20kgs .

  9. Mandy

    I have lost almost 4 kg and I absolutely love chocolate. I could do with more chocolate

  10. Paula

    I’ve tried every other diet, this sounds like fun!

  11. Di

    Hell yes!!! To dangle before me like a carrot, only a delicious chocolate instead 🙂

  12. Diana O

    Yes yes yes!!!! The mere mention of weight loss has my body craving a little chocolate push in the wrong direction!!!

  13. Cynthia

    OH gosh this sounds right up my alley, I really need a weight loss kickstart but chocolate is my weakness!

  14. Sonia

    My body needs a push allright, and chocolates the only thing that’ll give me that much needed push!

  15. Jacky B

    My diet definitely needs a chocolate component. If I dont have a little treat then I just eat things I really dont want but dont satisfy my craving and then I just become a grump.

  16. Charlotte

    Could ALWAYS do with a low-calorie chocolate treat, particularly as I’m trying to lose some hangover weight from the holiday season!

    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  17. Amanda Harris

    I’ve been really good walking everyday to become fitter and would love a chocolatey push along to keep me motivated! 🙂

  18. Sonia

    18kg down but I have another 50 to go. Slowly getting there but Easter in a town with chocolate factories is hard to manage.

  19. Michelle Gray

    I think there is an occasion for every piece of chocolate, weigh loss can be one!!!

  20. Val C.

    This could be the answer of my chocolate dreams!

  21. Kate

    Astonished! A chocolatey diet would be exactly what I need, but chocolate & weightloss… can they really co-exist?

  22. amanda gorton

    Chocolate, as a feel good endorphin will make me feel so much happier when exercising!

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