Get out of the house & you’ll love them more!

I read an article last week that informed me that research showed mothers who went back to work when baby is under six months old, are warmer parents than those who stay at home longer.  Well doesn’t that just tear it.  Stay home too long and we become cold distant mothers, and on top of that we have a higher chance of being distressed about it.

But when you think about it, we really knew this didn’t we.  The reason working mums are warmer to their kids, is because they get to leave the kids for around eight hours a day.  That’s eight whole hours to take a crap on your own, talk to big people and drink HOT damn coffee.  You too would become cold and distant if you haven’t had a warm cuppa in around a year, 0r not spoken to an adult in over six months about anything other than baby puke.  Of course you are going to be warmer and friendlier, when you only have to deal with toddlers tantrums in small doses while enjoying that second income, seriously why did they find that result surprising?

Ok so I may have approached this post somewhat cynically but I have to ask; now that they’ve done the research what will they do with it?  Use it to suggest to the government that stay at home mums must have a weekly excursion to a child free place? And one that isn’t the supermarket at 11pm when you can finally get out of the house alone.  I’m up for that.

Ok, maybe I need to get out more.


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  1. Marissa Roberts

    I often wonder the same thing – now that they’ve done the research what will do they do with the results? Otherwise, what was the point? It just feels judgey.

    Well bugger it, all of us mums are doing a great job, I say!

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