Octonauts Magazine – Lets do this!

One of Henry the Future Dark Overlords favourite shows is the Octonauts, so you can imagine how nuts he went when a copy of the Octonauts magazine landed in our mailbox (thanks to ABC & Morey Media).  The magazine was put together by the ABC editorial team in consultation with early childhood learning experts, and is aimed at three to five year olds.

Cheaper than some colouring books at only $5.95, and BONUS it comes with a beach ball and stickers.  Filled with beautiful illustrations and activities, one of which is instructions to make your own pirate eye patch, posters and fun facts about the Octopod.  Did you know that the Octopod has a library? I didn’t.  Printed on quality matt finish paper, which has done well considering the love Henry has shown the book.  This would make an excellent stocking filler this Christmas 🙂

I have an extra copy of the Octonauts 2012 magazine for a lucky little fan, all you need to do is comment below and tell me what ABC2 show is a favourite at your house, to go into the draw.  Giveaway finishes on 25/11/12, please leave a valid email address with your entry  so you can be contacted (this email will not be published or shared).  And yes this time my overseas friends can enter!


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8 Responses to Octonauts Magazine – Lets do this!

  1. Jo-Anna Apelt

    Flappity Flippers. The favorite ACB Kids show in this house….Octonauts of course. We have books, action figures, oh and did I say books. So Octonauts, lets do this. Hugs.

  2. Michelle V

    My eldest daughter aged 8, loves Mister Maker.
    My middle daughter aged 5, loves The Octonauts.
    My littlest daughter loves The Octonauts and Jimmy Giggle and Hoot from Giggle and Hoot.

  3. MadamePom

    I’m a seseme street lover as is MissRoo but Octonauts probably just pip it to the post. The clothes unfortunately are aimed at boys but we don’t care in this house!

  4. Amanda Horton-Hallett

    Tesla loves Octonaughts, she especially likes them as they are ‘Nauts’ which she also uses to refer to her toy astronauts.

  5. Lou R

    Actually, Octonauts is the number one show in this house. My now 3 yo son first picked up on it when he was 1 and would dance to the theme music, then sit there glued to the show. Now, it’s the first tune he’s learned to hum. He knows all the characters and every line from every show. He even taught ME what a narwhal was! I had no idea.

    His baby sister now giggles every time her brother sings the tune to her, and it’s stopped many a crying fit.

    So yes, Octonauts is our number one show 🙂

  6. Ange Troy

    Octonauts is a fave in this house too, often accompanied by little three year old feet running to tell us “Octonauts is on!!”

  7. Lou

    My daughter is loving bloody Angelina Ballerina at the moment, omg kill me now! But she is a massive Octonauts fan too 🙂

  8. Bec S

    I find Mister Maker is great as it suits a large age range..both my 6 and 3 year old love him!

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