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So I’ve headed into this festive season a little under prepared, but then again what’s new?  Most of the time people let me off for being arse bustingly busy because I have ten hundred thousand children, but I digress…

OO.com.au asked me to check out their recently updated toy range, and I was only to happy to oblige as we had a birthday in the house and I was SO not organised.  I ordered this baby, for my not so girly girl who was turning 12.

Battleship LIVE puts a whole new spin on the old game, very engaging and it knows when you cheat and move your pieces!  Lucy & her dad did battle for ages with this game, and they won’t let me have a turn.  They report it to be awesome.

But the game isn’t the main reason I’m writing this post today, it’s because I want to tell you about the store!  OO.com.au delivered my order within 48 hours, with absolutely no hitch to speak of.  Their updated toy range is a lot broader than I remember it to be.  I last shopped with them around a year ago, and the fresh stock is making me look again.  I’m pretty impressed with the baby range too.  The site is easy to navigate, and you know straight away if something is in stock or not and exactly how much it will cost to deliver, so you don’t have to go through to the checkout and be disappointed by a massive shipping cost after all that effort.  I do think OO.com.au is worth a look this Christmas, especially for those of us who are looking for shopping in your underpants in the wee small hours options 😉

To get you underway, here are a few of bargains of note…

Pretty cute and it is on Santas list, and it’s 30% off – click on the pictures to be taken to the product pages.

And this is super cheap for a Maclaren!  38% OFF!

Disclaimer: oo.com.au provided the author with a gift voucher to shop with on the site, however all product selection (including sale items) were made by the author. 


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