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One of the things grandma always buys the kids, that annoys me no end is stickers. Stickers by the arm load.  Somewhere in her local shopping centre there has to be a bulk sticker warehouse, that caters to her sticker buying fetish.  Every gift giving occasion stickers are given along with a toy or whatever, and its not just a sheet of stickers either, it’s two or three A5 sized books full of the bastards.

Why do I have such a problem with the kids being given stickers?  Six kids means many sticker receiving opportunities.  That’s a lot of stickers to be stuck somewhere, and sticker albums are deemed no fun according to my kids.  No fun at all, but apparently my freshly painted walls are.

However todays post is not about me and my issues with sticker gifts.    I’m on here today to chat about Geleez Paint & Decorate Peel Off Stickers.  Thanks to Moose Recruits my girls were able to try these out, and afterwards stick them on my walls…

We found these to be a bit of fun, they reminded me a little of the stained glass window thingies I used to make as a kid.  They’re very simple to do and a good indoor rainy day activity, and the paint tubes are easy to hold for little hands.  My little daughter had no problems doing it. The set we tested today while it snowed (in the middle of spring!) had glitter paints, which came up very nice.  After waiting (ages, according to the girls) for them to dry they were stuck to windows and school books, they want more! We’ve saved a few to make some cards with too.

I think we need to convince Grandma to change sticker providers.  My girls took much care in the creation of their stickers, and gave more thought to where and how they were going to stick them.  If you are looking for stocking fillers and ways to fill in the coming christmas holidays a pack of these would be a good bet 🙂

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