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In mid September I nicked off to China, for a much anticipated much longed for much needed, trip away on my own.  Time out for mummy. For the first time in probably a decade,  I shit you not I haven’t had time alone for more than a few hours for years. But before I get into that and bore you all with the some 2000 photos I took, let me tell about my homecoming.

I hopped off the plane from China and straight into the car to head to the South Coast to enjoy some beach time with the kids for the rest of the school holidays.

However four days later my holiday looked like this…

That’s Tom underneath all that equipment, with a ventilator helping him to keep breathing.  How did this happen?!  He woke up as usual all smiles at stupid o’clock, and annoyed us for his iPad and something to eat.  Next thing we know he is having a seizure which lasted an hour.  It took half and hour for the ambulance to arrive, and in that time I had all manner of scary visions of the state of health of the boy who may emerge from the seizure.  We did not see this coming.  He had not been unwell at all, and only the day before we hit the beach. There he is doing his little autie dance in the water.

How did we get from that to this?  He had a big response to anti seizure medication which meant his respiratory system shut down.  I had an agonising wait with him being manually ventilated for hours in front of me at the hospital, until the chopper team arrived and they took over with better equipment.  For the love of god will someone do some fundraising for Milton Hospital?!

Thankfully he has come through it all, and is seemingly his usual self.  I have to tell you I was scared for him.  I worried that he may have brain damage.  I worried about his future quality of life, considering it isn’t that great in the first place, what if it made him worse?  After a while he came good, and he had a mountain of tests while he was unconscious.  The result of those tests?  Sweet fuck all.  Yeah, nothing.  There is nothing they can find that may indicate anything.  So yay for no illness or whatever, but what am I supposed to do with that?  As a precaution he is being medicated as if he has epilepsy and we wait and see if he does it again.  He is back at school and under close watch, keeping me nervous at night for a while too.  So much for this mummy going out and getting a job any time soon 🙁

I finally made it home a couple of days before school went back, and only just unpacked my China shopping three days ago!  It feels like an eon ago that I went away.  I feel like I need another break, but it seems it all goes to pot around here when I leave (but that is another story).

China story and pictures to come.  Soon.


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