Our Autie Boy is running!

Last weekend Mr Candysfamily participated in the City2Surf in Sydney, our boy autie boy Tom was chomping at the bit to get in there and run too.  This kid has so much energy, so we figured why not give the kid a shot at it.  So we have entered him in a much shorter race, the Canberra Times 5km Fun Run on September 9. He’ll be running with the help of his Dad and sister Lucy.

Tom will be running in support of Autism Awareness and could really use some support in reaching his fundraising goal, every little bit helps.  You can find his fundraising page here.

On his page you will find a mini blog, that we’ll update with his training progress and how he went on race day.  I’m sure he’ll drag his dad over the finish line and way past it.



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3 Responses to Our Autie Boy is running!

  1. Janine

    You go Tom. Enjoy your first run. Hope everyone reading this joins me in donating.

  2. This is bloody marvellous! Well done that boy. The more exercise the better for all kids, but esp our kids on the spectrum, I reckon.

    And a great cause, I fundraised for them in the City to Surf. Do post the info on how to sponsor.

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