The Jungle Bunch – Review & Giveaway!

I’ll admit that I’ve never heard of the Jungle Bunch, and quite frankly I think these are the weirdest looking jungle creatures I’ve ever seen, and as for the story line… well there is a message there, somewhere.

However I am not the target audience for this movie.  My little target audience loved it and watch it on a loop.  My daughter now wants a toy tiger penguin (and if anyone happens to see one let me know would you?).   Overall the movie is a fit for most kids 10 and under, although I have caught my tween putting it on a couple of times now 😉  Great rainy day viewing.

About the movie:  The Jungle Bunch movie is the story of how a penguin’s egg fell off an Antarctic ice floe and ended up in the jungle.  Maurice (the hatched penguin) is adopted and raised by an affectionate tigress, and is actually convinced that he is also a tiger. His time is divided between re-painting his stripes, hunting and teaching his own adopted son, Junior the Tiger Fish, his special hunting techniques.  Two penguins from Maurice’s native Antarctic village, are in search of “The Great Tiger Warrior” to save their village from an oppressive group of walruses.  Their search leads them to Maurice’s jungle home, where they tell him of their plight. Determined to help, Maurice, and his team of misfit friends embark on an adventure they will never forget!

We received a copy of The Jungle Bunch from Universal Studios Home Entertainment to review for this post, and thanks to them I have a bundle of movies to giveaway!   Including copy of The Jungle Bunch, Lego Ninjago, Zhu Zhu Pets Quest for Zhu and Nims Island.

To win please comment below to go into the draw, tell me what your favourite childhood movie was?  Mine was, and still is the Dark Crystal. I will draw in one week, sorry Australian entries only.   Don’t forget to leave a valid email address (that won’t be made public here) so I can contact to you, and no I never send spam.

Watch a trailer from the movie here!


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53 Responses to The Jungle Bunch – Review & Giveaway!

  1. Dennae Trask

    My favourite childhood movie was My Girl 🙂 Still love it today!

  2. Melissa Brown

    The Goonies… “Tell us everything! Everything! ” … Pirates, bad guys, the truffle shuffle and Mikey 😉 I know every word.

  3. Jodie Taylor

    My favourite movie as a kid was The Parent Trap, I love it and watched it often. Goodluck everyone x

  4. My favorite was gazzo he was a alien a friendly one and loved watching it

  5. Sonya Nicole

    I loved Annie! I was reading the book at the same time and it was so amazing to see the book come to life in the film!

  6. Julian N.

    Raiders of the Lost Ark. What an awesome film.

  7. lynne lillington

    I love Heidi, the special connection she has with her granddad reminded me of my granddad and I still love it.

  8. Michele L

    I loved to sing along to all the songs in “Mary Poppins”. I even tried to teach my very little sister to spell ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’.

  9. sheena grey

    The Jungle Book (1994) with Jason Scott Lee..That was the first movie that I ever cried in when I was a child,still remember it to this day that is how much it upset me (the part in the movie where I thought the bear had died) turned out he was ok =D..Really good childhood movie!

  10. Jo-Anna Apelt

    Well I think it would have been Dr Dolittle. Yep I was old, old school. But once I saw the Labrynith, when I was 12, I fell in love with that. I still love them both to this day. One reminds me of my nana, the other my mum. Hugs.

  11. Clare abbott

    The goonies- mystery, baddies, treasure and a bit of love

  12. Pippi Longstockings!! I loved that crazy girl. Oh and Fatty Fin! I used to watch that over and over and my friends would get so sick of it!

  13. Hayley Munro-Lynch

    The never ending stories, I loved them as a child, still do, my son loves them, I used to believe when I was child I was going to find a book and do the same 🙂

  14. Michelle V

    My favourite movie as a child was The Wizard Of Oz. I have vivid memories of the school holidays, eating a pie with sauce (this was a very rare treat for us!), watching it with my cousins and sister and thinking life couldn’t get any better!!

  15. Amanda Horton Hallett

    The Labyrinth for sure. We should all be so lucky to have our babies stolen by a babe like Bowie

  16. Amanda Horton Hallett

    Just remembered the Goonies! Hey You Guys!! Lol.

  17. Charisse Childs

    Never Ending Story, I loved it and had the biggest crush on Jonathan Brandis.

  18. Effie Bakkalis

    My favourite movie was (and still is!!) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have seen it so many times, and know all the oompa-loompa songs off by heart!

  19. Roberto Colombi

    The Incredible Journey – about 2 dogs and a cat making their way cross-country to get back home… I’ve been an animal lover ever since!

  20. Marie Pohnetalova

    Bedknobs & Broomsticks – the mix of animation and live action fascinated me as a child and I love the football match featuring all the animals – totally on the ball!

  21. Caroline

    The Neverending Story: I love the amazing creatures.

  22. suzanne list

    The Sound Of Music. Just love the storyline and the music

  23. Dee

    The never ending story, I was in awe of the Dragon. White, fluffy, adorable and desperately wanting him to be mine.

  24. Diana O

    Caravan of Courage:- Ewoks, I was obsessed with them!!!

  25. Donato

    GREASE, was and still is. Only now I don’t think that one day I will grow up and marry Sandy!

  26. Rebecca Baker

    Fern Gully! I have no idea how many times i watched it, i just rembered my mum had to buy the VHS for me again as it went all scratchy from watching it so much. xx Good Luck everyone

  27. Mick

    The Neverending Story – so loved Falkor, the luckdragon

  28. Maria

    Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The chocolate factory was just magical and it’s hard to believe, but I love chocolate now more than I did before.

  29. Kelli

    My favourite was Hook. I still love it. I watched it just the other day with my little boy 🙂

  30. Katrina O'connor

    Mary poppins was such a magical movie for me when I was a child

  31. Michelle Gray

    Well as a child we didn’t have a video (as it was then) player so I didn’t get to watch movies very often, but I did love Willy Wonka and the chocolate Factory, I had the book which I read over and over 🙂

  32. sarahjane

    Aladdin and Lion King. I still sing along to them and saw Lion King 3D more than once

  33. Leeanne Bojovic

    Stand By Me was my Fav

  34. Rachel T

    The Lion King. I knew it word for word, and therefore so did my parents. I don’t quite know what it was that drew me to it, but it still is one of my fav movies, I’m glad my kids like it!

  35. Wendy Daniels

    The Wizard of Oz ! because of the colourful actors and I recently got to share it with my daughter and it was overwhelming to see her joy!

  36. Linda hynson

    Saw chitty chitty bang n=bang at the movies in 1968 when we came over from England.I still love it today:-)

  37. Jasmine

    I loved Charlie and the chocolate factory

  38. Monica

    Showing my age…Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! magical!

  39. Amy Ginis

    My favourite movie was Now and Then…the characters were so relatable

  40. karen

    The Wizard of Oz.

  41. Falon Downing

    It’s a strange tie between Alice in Wonderland, and the Neverending Story. What a strange time we grew up in…

  42. Rosemarie

    I LOVED and still love Labyrinth. Even before I knew David Bowie was the king of cool.

  43. I loved ET: The Extra Terrestrial. Classic movie with a great message, and I still love watching it today!

  44. Crystal McFarlane

    Sleeping Beauty – it was the first movie ever bought for me

  45. Dan

    I loved watching the Home Alone movies, especially the first one!

  46. Michelle B

    I loved the movie Grease! Watched that one over and over…

  47. Kirsten W

    The Never Ending Story was my favourite movie (and still is). The thought of being able to escape to another world where I could be the hero, not the uncool music nerd that the bullies loved to pick on, really appealed to me.
    I also loved the flying luck dragon/dog Falcor – he was so cute!

  48. Helene McKellar

    When I was a little girl there wasn’t any TV let alone dvds and video’s.
    But my mum took me to see “Roman Holiday”, so it’s always been special!

  49. Nicola Smith

    The neverending story such creativity and a magical story all time favourite

  50. Ally

    My favourite movie was Song of the South. I’m smiling just thinking about it!

  51. Rachael Rowberry

    Definitely E.T, great movie and great memories.

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