Stika-Lulu – Collectable Swap Card Stickers

Stika-LuLu are collectable stickers on swap cards, I found them very appealing due to their Tokidoki X Sanrio style artwork (and well you all know how I feel about Tokidoki).  And if I wasn’t approaching an age where I’d look like a total goose, I’d have a mobile phone case covered in these stickers for sure.

My daughter on the other hand asked, so what do you do with them? Ah. Um. Well you do what you are doing with them right now, collect them, swap them, and assemble them in this pretty folder and gaze upon them.

Clearly my girl is not the collecting type, this kind of thing would have excited me as child no end.  Pffft kids today.  Do kids still collect things?

So, if you collect enough stickers you can create a large picture with the backs of the cards, lets see you do that with stamps 😉  Overall I found the quality of the sticker cards, tin and folder to be quite good and the artwork is just fun.  And if you have a collecting kind of kid, which I apparently don’t, these would probably be a win. There are lots of different kinds of stickers to collect gem, puffy, water filled, glittery, holographic.  All designed by the “Lulu Girls”, which I hear are now available as dolls.   There is also a great interactive website, where you can enter the codes on your swap cards and play games etc.  Thanks again to Moose International for sending us Stika-LuLu to test out.


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