The Trash Pack – The gross gang in your garbage!

Have you seen these things?

Trash Pack, or Trashies as my girls call them are apparently the coolest squishy little things ever.  So they were absolutely beside themselves when Moose Enterprises sent us a big bundle of them to test out, overjoyed I tell you.

I asked my daughter what was so good about them and she said: I can put lots of them in my pocket and take them to school to play with and the teacher won’t know.  The collector tin is cool because it looks just like a garbage can, but I can’t take that to school.  And look at this one, isn’t it cute!  Can I have a Trashie birthday cake for my birthday? 

 The  trashies in a Dunk ‘n’ Fizz bag thing was interesting, the kids thought it was spectacular and if was five I would too.  I think a Trashie bath bomb is an obvious next step 😉

The Trashies had them entertained for a couple of hours, setting up little towns and creating games with them, great fun.

It seems that the next birthday party we host is likely to be Trash Pack themed, luckily these guys will go down as great party favour gifts too 🙂

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  1. Yep my 2 are into trashies too….They bought a 12 pack with their pocket money – and I now have some on layby for Christmas!!

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