Damn our cover is blown!

So with my last post I apparently blew the whistle on stay at home parents.

I received emails from parents agreeing with me saying: Hey we don’t want to admit its boring out loud!  All our working friends will say WE TOLD YOU SO!  Why do you think we go back to work?

I knew it.


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3 Responses to Damn our cover is blown!

  1. No, I am a working mother, but I agree with your post. I have tried to be a SAHM for 7 months, true, it’s boring, but challenging. Much more challenging than going to work. I salute you people! Everyone, working or SAHM, has to find something that interest them, to get the ‘boring’ feeling out of their routine. Heck, isn’t being at work also a routine? I get bored too. And I am working. In my opinion, being a SAHM may be boring, but it’s for the good of our family and children.

  2. I had to add. Not everyone can handle being a SAHM.

  3. Try having an accidental Stay-at-Home Dad in the mix. He is HOPELESS at organising himself around the house or entertaining the kids. And the tv is perpetually on “Judge Judy” and other soul destroying crap… It wasn’t by choice of course as Ireland is in deep recession but some days I just want to stab a spoon in his eye..
    But of course, he has never said “I don’t know how you did it for 14+ years” because I was supposed to just suck it up… grrrrrr

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