This parenting business is boring.

I was asked today why I blog?   Why do I keep doing it?  The answer is: because I’d be climbing the walls with boredom if I didn’t.  Parenting is boring.  You know you’re thinking it.  I think we all know that life can get pretty mundane at home with this gig, and yeah yeah I know I should be grateful for every waking hour I get to spend with my little bas… cherubs.  Don’t get me wrong, I am.  But geez even the tantrums get boring.  While I am always so damn busy, I can barely fit a shower in, it surprises even me that I am bored.

Today I made easter hats for all but two of my children, even that was boring, and boring hats that all looked the same was the result.  While doing this I filled the slow cooker with a delicious meal, that will be predictably thrown about the room later and not eaten.  Meh. Boring.  School run, boring.  IEP meetings, boring. Shopping for school shoes, boring.  Packing lunches, boring.  Taking them all the park, boring… I could go on but I think you get my drift.  I’m SO bored.

Why is this?  This shouldn’t be.  I really should be to busy for this, boredom shouldn’t be even a blip on my radar.  But it is.  Is it because I’ve been out there in the world and know that there are far more interesting things I could be doing right now?  I think I need a bit of a rocket to get me out of this funk.  I need something else to occupy my mind?

I can’t knit, and I suck at world of warcraft – besides who has time for a hobby?  I wanted to do some kind of training to expand my interests, but it seems that the responsible service of alcohol course is all that’s on around here.  So I think I need a job.  Now who wants to employ me?  Here are my terms: I must be able to work from home, or between 10am & 2pm monday to friday, or after dark when the spouse is around. Must find my ability to talk under water an asset. Social media addictions acceptable, and free wi-fi.   Totally doable right?

Seriously though, I do think I need a job.  Before my brain rots away.


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  1. Carly @ My Life in Colour

    Um Candy… I just logged on to spill out similar emotions and thoughts into a post – SNAP! I get what you are saying, I really do. I hope you find it soon x

  2. Yes time to earn a bit of cash and use it to pay someone else to do the dullest of dull stuff. Also to cover you whilst you whizz out for a cuppa!

  3. Life is so routine and boring yes !!! It’s the predictability. Life is that boring and that predictable that I can tell you exactly when my little ones are due to take a crap.

    See … Boring

    Le sigh

  4. If I get this next grant I’ve applied for, you will be my first rep. Serious. Commission only but all the above conditions of employment are guaranteed. In fact I’ve decided that my goal will be to employ busy women who already have too much to do, but still manage to be more productive than most mortals.

  5. Kylie

    That’s why I started studying, home life is still choca block but i needed something for me, i never have me time, I never go out, well now I do I trudge off to Uni once a week, talk with other student who really make me feel my age. And at the end of it I will be a Special needs teacher. Hey the end result may take five years minimum and cost me a bomb while doing it but it’s still something for me right now to do. Oh knitting is too old crochetting is easier lol

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