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These last two weeks have shone a harsh light on my own reality.  I found myself in a position where I was forced to stop and look at my existence and compare it.   I didn’t enjoy it.  I like the blessed ignorance I had come to accept as normalcy.  I am going to share with you my sucky reality.

For the greater good I hope.

For Autism awareness.

And so tomorrow night (Monday 19/3) on A Current Affair, you will get to see what goes down in the Candys Family household.  All my autie babies in the their autie element.  I took part in an Autism Forum to discuss the needs of parents raising children with autism.  I hope it helps someone in someway.   I will post more about it after it has aired, and please excuse my wirey hair ACA caught me on a VERY busy day.


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  1. You need never apologies for anything in my book. You and Kel face challenges loving and raising your family in ways that very few could ever imagine. My hope after the show goes to air is that some body with guts will say “hey, people such as these guys are doing it for themselves with a bit of help” but am sure they must be concerned for the kids’ futures. What gives, government? Good luck with outcomes .. You have put yourselves out there. Go with your wiry haired head held high!!!

  2. Jenny Duggan-Ohara

    I am also a mother of multiple children with autism two who are severe. Autism doesnt discriminate, it cross race, it affects rich, poor, put still its that problem that no one really wants to tackle as a whole. And it grows bigger every year. Australia is way behind the world on how to tackle it. Mean while families are suffering and not knowing what going to become of their children especially if they have no family support.

    • jas

      hi i was wondering i could have a chat to you, my son is 4 and autistic and i am at my wits ends its mainly at night with waking and tanturms, i can go more into deatils, just wondering if you have same problems and if you do what do you do that helps? missgreatwhiteshark at yahoo dot com dot au

      • Sure, head to my about me page and you will find an email to contact me.

      • Joan Symons

        Candy I am so sorry for you, I hope Current Affair will be able to help you, my I think the best advice I can give you is to get into state system by putting your name down at Western District School for Special needs children. You are in my prayers put it in His Hands & help will come. I will be in touch with you again as soon as we have more feedback Joan Symons

  3. Coralie Davies

    All I hope is that ACA does not depict autism as a horror story. As a mum of three autistic boys autism is isolating enough. I hope this helps open people up to the fact that autism and the families that live with it is nothing to be afraid of.

  4. I’ll be watching Candy, jeez you were brave. I’d hate to let a camera inside my house some days. But good on you, and here’s to a much greater understanding of autism spectrum in Australia.

  5. Just watched the ACA forum tonight. I think that they handled it well and had a good cross-section of people.

    I am grateful for you sharing your story. Maybe if people see people that they can relate to … they will get a better understanding and it will build to better funding and access for services.

  6. Denise Grey

    Great story ACA well presented. I have for the past 11 years worked closely with children with Austism Spectrum. I would not change anyone of those days. Each and everyone of the children I have worked with have taught me something new about Autism and myself. Yes the government needs to get the early intervention happening and for longer.

  7. Candy you did a wonderful job and you don’t need to apologise for anything. I too am grateful for you sharing your story and your amazing family. X

  8. Well what can I say as a parent of a 16year old daughter who has Autism I was reduced to tears. The courage that the families showed on A Current Affair was incredible. To put there stories on television for all to see ,must of taken every ounce of strength and courage as hard as it was to watch it was a huge leap forward for the recognition and awareness for what the families of AUTISM deal with everyday. Some of these families never venture out because of the public humiliation so just imagine how hard it was to tell there stories. We are not looking for pitty just understanding as these kids deserve a chance at life and a dream just like anyone else. The only problem being they need a lifetime of support as there is no cure for AUTISM> Lets hope that society as a whole will did deep to show some form of help as its not looking good so far from our Blind GOVERNMENT.

  9. Joan Symons

    My daughter is a teacher in a special needs school for autistic children, in a poor suburb have bikes that need to repaired plus would like to buy new bikes for older students. There was a lady on Hot Seat who was a fund raiser said she would raise funds for anyone who asked her, can we contact her please, also a bike dealer who would sponsor the school.

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