So you want to know how I can afford my expensive toys?

I’ve been asked this question a few times; you have all those kids how can you afford a new computer/ipod/lego set?  And the answer is: I lay-by them.

Until recently I was doing my lay-bys the usual way, finding a store that had the product I wanted and trying to get back in there to regularly make payments for the twelve week period you could have the lay-by for.  I’d often wanted to be able to lay-by the big ticket items, like a computer or bed but was yet to find a store that was willing to do so, especially for a period of time longer than the usual (as I needed to make the payments smaller to fit into the budget).

Last September I found out about and I took the punt and laybyed my new Mac and I paid it off in small instalments, asking for it to be delivered mid January.  My new Mac arrived without a hitch and I was soon lay-buying my birthday present (the only way to do it, if you want to get something good I tell you!), plus the husbands and kids gifts for the rest of the year.  We’re up to delivery number four now, with three still waiting in the wings being paid off.  I think I’m hooked, and I love that when something new arrives we own it outright, with no interest to pay.

I was more than happy to post about when they asked, as we are so satisfied with their service.

Right now I have a rather expensive camera (ssshhh don’t tell the Husband) on lay-by, and after I’d done this it was put on special. Usually with an in-store lay-by, you would still pay the price you originally put the item away for.  So I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from mylayby telling me that my camera is on sale now, and that they had knocked the discount off the price of my one as well.  You’ve got to be happy with that.  Not to mention being able to stretch the payments out to a year and have the goods delivered to your door.  And for gadget lovers (like me), if there is an upgraded device released while you have an older model on layby, you will be sent the newest model.  Nice.

Now for the really good part. would like to give readers of Candys Family a freegift with their first lay-by, just enter candysfamily in the coupon spot at checkout you will receive a free Pop Art Tasty Baker with your order.  (Coupon code runs out 30/4/12 so be quick!)

One of these babies, our kids love it!

This little toaster does actually do what the box says it does, my girls baked up a mini choccy cake storm.  And here is what they managed to create with it.

I also have a giveaway prize (thanks again to for expectant parent readers of mine.  Incidentally MyLayby is a good place to get organised for baby as well 😉

I have a book pack containing three books for you!  Comment below for your chance to win a copy of Babys 1st Splash Picture book, A World of Baby Names (75,000 names from around the world with meanings and origins) and a beautiful Baby Record Book featuring traditional nursery rhymes. I will draw a winner on 20/3/12 (Australian entries only, sorry) Good Luck, and tell your expectant friends!


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18 Responses to So you want to know how I can afford my expensive toys?

  1. Trish

    Wow what an awesome website! who knew something like this existed!!! **off to check it out now** Thanks for sharing 😀

  2. Jen Summers

    Thanks for sharing Candy.
    Great to know someone who has actually used them and recommends them. I love that they will give you that extra discount if an items is on sale. I also love the extedended periods to pay for the items. xx

  3. Suzanne Gomersall

    Yes candy I too like mylayby I’m paying off a laptop for myself

  4. Effie Bakkalis

    Thanks for the info on mylayby and thanks for the giveaway too!

  5. Melissa K

    Wow, this website looks great!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Louise

    Hey Candy checked out What a fab idea!!!! I love laybying however to do that at some places means a huge trip to the big shops bleugh.
    Thanks heaps for sharing and send the cakes my way they look yummo lol

  7. Janine

    Good idea, thanks Candy 🙂 Has anyone successfully tried using the code yet? I just selected something and entered it in but the freebie didn’t appear in my cart :S

    • Hi Janine, we’re terribly sorry, we had a slight technical issue preventing the free “tastybaker” attaching to the cart. This has since been fixed so you should have no issues now,

      Kind regards,


      • Thank you for sorting this out, without me even having the chance to ask!

      • Janine

        Thanks David. Worked a charm this time and the order is in! Thanks too Candy – that’s 2 bonuses I got via you this week (came back from my other home Monday to find some of that oil I’d long forgotten about!!!) – glad you didn’t have to chase this up … I’d say that’s an extra recommendation for for being onto it!

  8. It is a good idea, isn’t it. I was amazed, one of those excellent ideas that when someone is does it seems obvious, but it actually wasn’t and it took one bright person to get it going.

  9. Love that you got it on sale too. When I worked retail we used to sneakily return people’s laybys then re-sell them (if we liked them that is) xx

  10. Mick

    I “scab” refundable bottles etc from family and use the money to buy what I like or at least help towards payment

  11. Kelly

    Wow, you have done an awesome job with this website.
    And thanks for the tip on , its a wonderful Idea!!!

  12. Oh Candy I’m loving the no interest lay by idea, thanks for sharing! Am I allowed to enter the draw for the beautiful baby books? I’m not expecting, but I have just had a brand new bubba and would dearly love a baby record book for him! Many thanks xx

  13. Trish

    What a great idea – off to have a look now! I must admit that I actually didn’t know lay buy existed anymore, that’s because I think we are such a ‘must have it now’ society that we don’t use it all that often anymore. I love the idea of laybuy, and that it demonstrates a valuable lesson to children that you can afford something over time if you save and work towards it, rather than just ‘having’ it now and worrying about how to pay for it later on.

  14. Kristina

    What a fantastic idea… with a new baby, it’s a sensible way to plan for the things I want!

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