It takes a certain breed…

I don’t think I need to make anyone aware, that most of new south wales is a bit damp right now.  The south of the state copped it first, and as I type its making its way north (and it is still raining!).

I watched the SES volunteers run themselves ragged this week, knocking on doors giving people warnings of the danger to come, filling sandbags, helping evacuate those in danger, dealing with flood damage and everything that has come along with such an incident.

I just want to pass comment today about people who volunteer, and gratitude.  Really where would we be without these people who take on the call to put themselves in harms way, for the wellbeing of the community?  I asked a few friends that volunteer why they do it, and they humbly told me that it was to give something back and they see the need for the service to be available to the community.  One of these days when I have my time handed back to me, I’ll be signing up – I reckon I’d look good in orange.

So to volunteers everywhere, no matter what it is you choose to help out with, whatever small contribution you make, know that you are awesome.  Thank you.


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  1. Very true Candy, have been thinking of all the folks out in the floods and the people at the sharp end a lot this week.

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