Finally I’ve got the kid contained!

Does anyone remember how hard a time I had a year ago trying to keep Henry (Future Dark Overlord) in his seat belt?  Fast forward a year and his evil apprentice Charlie is doing the same thing, I’ve spent a small fortune trying to keep these kids strapped into the car properly.  We were pulled over by the local constabulary recently, and there was Charlie pulling his arms out ready to get out and meet the nice policeman. Our excuse that he’d only done this as the car stopped was not bought.  A lecture on the safety of children in cars followed, I didn’t have to balls to tell the officer that I had considered gaffa taping the kid to the chair in the name of safety, the kid is just that hard to keep in his seat.

So my search for a device to keep them in seats resumed, I happened upon the Houdini Stop.


It is a simple yet sturdy little addition to the baby seat belt, and Charlie is yet to work out how to get it off – hurrah!  He does try to try to wiggle his arms out through the now much smaller neck hole, but a tightening of the seat straps sorts that out.  Job done.  No places to catch little fingers, no damage or modification to the baby car seat.  I needed this thing years ago!  That kid is going nowhere, I can put away the gaffa tape 😉  I don’t think I need to say much more than that, just that it works, oh and that they are available in Australia at Baby Bunting and Pram Warehouse for around twenty dollars.

Another clever device the Houdini Stop people have come up with are Houdini Locks, made specifically for poosplosions!  I think we’ve all had one at least one morning when you are woken by the aroma, not of brewing coffee but a poo storm, the result of a removed nappy and walls painted brown by your baby.  Houdini Locks are little clips designed to help prevent baby ripping off their disposable nappies, they’re also good for doing up a nappy when you have accidentally ripped the whole velcro tab thing off when putting on a new one (I do this all the time!).

Thanks to the lovely people at Houdini Stop I have a set of Houdini Locks to give away, just comment below to go into the draw.  Drawn on 12/3/12


Disclaimer: I received a free product sample from Houdini Stop in order to road test and write this review.


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16 Responses to Finally I’ve got the kid contained!

  1. Lou

    Omg what an amazing idea! Would love to score a freebie x

  2. DD

    These look interesting. Have my fingers crossed!

  3. DIANA O

    Wish the had these when I was little, no accidental pricks from Mum with the big bobby pins!!

  4. Casey

    I want I want! I have a rather clever child….. She Who Must Not Be Named once managed to get her shorts off and thrown out the window of the moving vehicle. I then got to be THAT PARENT at the local IGA who had a pant less toddler in the fruit & veg section >:-/ I bet that wouldn’t happen if I had a Houdini Lock!

  5. Lisa

    After what I just discovered in the cot I NEED SOME NOW lol!

  6. Mel

    I discovered the Houdini stop about 12 months ago, absolutely the best invention ever made, glad to see the developers branching out into other parental sanity savers!

  7. Ohh would so love some of these! I have a POOdini I’m sure of it and hubby and myself are laughing at the awesome concept and our dubbing our secondborn POOdini.

    She’s 20 months and its so expensive putting her in pull ups just yet, but that was my great idea. Im sure her little sister 5 months will be exactly the same!

    Thanks for the opportunity xoxoxo

  8. Suzanne Gomersall

    That houdini stop didn’t stop Aimee she opened it in a couple of days untill Samantha turned it upside down it has worked so far


    looks great, yes please


    With my 5th grandchild on the way, these would be wonderful to reduce ‘accidents’ and the clean up after for my busy daughter in law

  11. Kath Dawson

    I have a curious little boy who just finds the contents of his nappy fascinating. Oh Houdini locks, you are a saviour!

  12. Kristy

    As Im now 13 weeks pregnant i think this prize would be great to win, this would defendently come in handy for the future 🙂

  13. Free

    A great idea! My 3yo is terrible for taking his arms out of the straps no matter how many times to leave it.

  14. Mick

    gotta love this idea – especially after having just finished cleaning poop from under my nails after a nappy malfunction combined with a squirming little one

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