Cranky Pants

I have them on.  I am in such a mood today, and I seriously would like the house to be empty for an hour so I can sit quietly and enjoy the silence.  However the odds of that happening any time soon are slim to none, so I shall move on and stare at the Mac – shouting over my shoulder for the next hour or two – GO AWAY MUMMY IS WORKING!  Yes but can I play robot games Mummy?  Meh it’s sunday, why not.

There certainly is a lot of kids in that picture.  Sometimes I catch my stuff watching them at the playground, surprised at their number.  There have been moments at a park when it has dawned on me that all the kids running around are all in fact mine. O_o

It has been a rainy couple of weeks here in G town, the kids have cabin fever and so do I.  On Friday I headed down to Canberra and went car shopping in the rain, I just had to go out. It’s been raining for around a week now, can you believe it!  We’ve had to turn the heaters on and it’s only March.

Come to think of it, March?!  No way can it be March already, I have a feeling I’ve missed a lot of deadlines and meetings already because I blinked and missed two months of the year!

So I’ll be off as I have work to do, after a game of Machinarium that is… 🙂

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