Egg-xellent stuff with Fast Ed

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of being invited to a cooking lesson and lunch with four awesome bloggers and Fast Ed (Halmagyi) as seen on Better Homes and Gardens, to talk about eggs!   Thanks to Australian Eggs.  Egg-xellent.  (Oh yeah, I just had to throw that in).

Left to right: Marissa, Me, Tenille, Ed, Lisa and Seana.

I’ll be the first to admit I am no whizz in the kitchen, and you probably won’t find me watching a cooking show unless I’ve lost the remote.   Eggs are something I usually put into whatever I’m cooking, and they rarely star as the main.  Mostly because I figure the kids won’t eat them, ok a couple of them will eat them but hey I have to cook for eight three times a day – everyone is having the same thing kids!  But I’m getting off track. Back to my first ever cooking lesson, it was much more interesting than I thought it was going to be.  I came away knowing things about eggs I had no idea about before, and yay for me I was able to successfully do this stuff at home!

Getting down to the business of cooking eggs, Ed whipped us up a Frittata which was damn good.  I went home and recreated them for the inlaws the very next day.  Grab the recipe below.

On to dessert.  Ed put us to work in the kitchen, where we made cinnamon spiced zucchini bread, and educated us on some egg facts, a lot of which were news to me. Did you know that eggs are high in protein, and a high protein diet is recommended for weight loss. And there are different uses for fresh and slightly old eggs? I didn’t. Fresh eggs are best used for poaching and frying, because they hold their shape in the pan. Older eggs can be used for boiling and scrambling, in fact using an older egg to boil is better as it is harder to get the shell off a fresh egg.

Do you know how hold a knife properly?  I was given an education on how it is done. Yes it probably was a very good idea to lean back a bit there Tenille 😉

More eggy facts and recipes can be found at or So there you have it, eggs!  I’ve been introducing egg recipes into the dinner menu for the kids these past few weeks, and they’re doing well, especially if I tell them they are egg cakes 😉

I’ve been asked about my outfit, so I think I should throw some kudos to the lovely ladies at Autograph Goulburn who very patiently outfitted me.


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3 Responses to Egg-xellent stuff with Fast Ed

  1. OMG Candy, you have to cook or so many people! I have to do three meals times six people usually and it drives me nuts at times. hubby is away for a couple of weeks so that reduces some of the complexity (he’s veggie) but still, lets just say that beans on toast is an excellent choice some nights.

    That frittata is superb. If I can ever get my twins to eat something like that one day, my life’s work will be done! They do eat eggs though… I made a chocolate egg custard tonight, using heaps of egg yolks left over from something else. Full of nutrition, very rich and good for them.

    • Sometimes it is good to get rid of the spouse for the night. On those nights weetbix is perfectly acceptable for dinner in my opinion (my tired of cooking opinion) 😉
      Thanks Seana!

  2. It took traveling 12,000 kms to get my boys to eat EGGS ever – now they love them 🙂 . I am going to try frittatas next. The same day they both decided to say yes ! Now they want them every day.

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