You’re going to need wipes, lots of them.

It wasn’t until I had kids that I discovered how useful wipes were, I use them for everything. It didn’t surprise me to see other products appearing in wipe form years down the track, facial cleanser, glass cleaners and car polish.  Somebody must have told them that was what people were using baby wipes for.  I know I do, and I’m betting I’m not the only one.  Of course there are probably limitations, and I’m not encouraging or endorsing the use of baby wipes on anything other than baby bottoms 😉

We use wipes in bulk at our place.  So I was very happy to be asked to review Huggies Wipes.  They didn’t last long.  Well we have three in nappies, we go through an 80 wipe pack every few days and if there is any baby consumerable that quality really matters on, it’s wipes and nappies.

They have to be thick and have a texture good enough to get the mess off, without it coming through the other side of the wipe and… ewww.  There are few wipes that meet this criteria, but I can honestly say that Huggies do and they are probably the top of the line when it comes to thick wipes, and I’ve tried a lot of brands.  Being thick wipes means you can do a nappy change using less wipes, than you would with a lesser brand.

The new line of Huggies wipes with cucumber and aloe are my new favourite, they smell gorgeous (and fyi, are a great facial cleansing wipe for mum).  I’ve already gone out and bought them again.  They are pH balanced and contain no soap or alcohol, hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.  To find out more about the Huggies range click on the picture below to be taken to their website.

And good news! Huggies wants one of you to try out the new Aloe and Cucumber wipes too!  If you’d like to be in the draw to receive a jumbo pack of 240 wipes from Huggies please comment below, and if you like, tell me what other uses you have found for baby wipes.  (Aussie readers only sorry, don’t forget to put a valid email address in with your comment so I can let you know you won!) Winner drawn Monday the 13th of February.

 Watch the cute Huggies ad 🙂




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34 Responses to You’re going to need wipes, lots of them.

  1. Lou

    I agree with you, the thicker the better!!!

    I’ve been known to use wipes to polish my table top on more than one ocassion. I worked in child care for eight years and used to use wipes to clean down pretty much any surface, especially if it’s dusty. Wipes are great for picking up dust 🙂

  2. Caroline

    Quick wipe over around the fuel cap after refuelling my household’s car.

  3. Janine

    Wipes are also great for cleaning ink off craft stamps, especially when on the road or not in convenient reach of water – I always keep a pack with my craft stuff.

  4. Trish

    I love wipes! I carry them with me everywhere and use them for everything!!!! The thicker the better, you use alot less and i find with Huggies they are great for sensative skin!!! Huggies all the way in this household!

  5. I’m a pretty new mum, so I don’t know any great uses other than wiping little bot bots, but I have used them to wipe over the change table. 🙂

  6. Kylie Radford

    Wipes are used in this house for lots of things. They work everywhere! I always have a packet on hand.

  7. Diana

    We keep a pack in the car glove box, and call on them often 🙂

  8. DIANA O.

    When we go camping ,we use them as ‘grown up wipes’ too….for those horrid trips behind tree’s, in hastily dug holes!! I know yuck, but it’s the truth!!

  9. Ernie

    They’re great at BBQ’s, along side the dry napkins, to remove grease and grime from tables, fingers, glasses – you name it, we wipe it with them.

  10. We used wipes to get rid of a DIY tattoo on an arm just before the school bell rang this morning! Occasionally I’ve bought really cheap wipes which are always thin and pretty damn useless. Thicker the better.

  11. Marg

    They are cool, refreshing and keep ME smelling good all day!

  12. We use them for lots of things! To get nutella off my son’s face, to clean up little hands when we are out and for emergency spills!

  13. Rebecca Scarinci

    I use my wipes for everything
    Cleaning stains out of the carpet
    Removing crayons and scuff marks from walls or flooring
    Blotting away deodorant marks on clothing
    Cleaning the computer keyboard ~ works great!
    Keeping a stash in the car for grimy hand clean-up
    Cleaning up on camp trips ~ they’re a lifesaver out in the woods!
    Using to ‘pre-treat’ stains on clothing
    Cleaning shoes
    Cleaning rubber stamps
    Empty wipe containers can even be used to organize craft supplies, etc!

  14. Rebecca Scarinci

    Cleaning stains out of the carpet
    Removing crayons and scuff marks from walls or flooring
    Blotting away deodorant marks on clothing
    Empty wipe containers can even be used to organize craft supplies

  15. sonya nicole

    I keep a packet in my car to clean off all the bird poop that ends up on my windows after parking on the street all night!

  16. Jess

    You can never have too many baby wipes! I know my sister would very much appreciate the win — her beautiful girl requires them more often than I ever thought possible! ;p

  17. Tess Anthony

    Huggies wipes are #1! I’ve never tried any other brand, as once I tried Huggies, I didn’t feel the need to try anything else. I’ve been using them for 5 years now.

    I too use the wipes for everything & anything (other than their intended use). One use I seem to find them great for, is wiping down dvds. Getting those pesky finger prints off them (then running a dry tissue over it to dry). There are just so many other uses I could list, such as cleaning my iPhone screen, computer screen, TV, toys, and many many more – My list could go on & on…

  18. Ange Troy

    Butts, boogers, burgers, breakky spills, burps, dirty hands, faces, arms, legs, post fish&chips whole family cleansing, choc fests, car voms, sand clogs…..endless uses 😉

  19. Cheryl Haining

    Wipes will clean almost anything, especially good when you are about to leave the house, thinking you look great, then see the food, vomit, greasy finger marks, the kids have put on your best top. Instant clean with wipes

  20. beryle robinson

    One almighty wipe and yippy its all clear, take you face mask off and thank HUGGIES for saving another day !!

  21. Sandra G

    Grandchildren have been sent to Nana’s over a number of years, with all different types of wipes. I prefer Huggies, and carry some with me. They’re great for cleaning the inside of the car, and babyseats while waiting to pick up grandkids from school, and cleaning up the mess from paddlepops that Pop insisting on giving them, before they are returned to their parents.

  22. trish

    baby wipes are also good for grownups, cause toilet paper is so harsh on older skin as well as baby’s skin.

  23. Cheryl

    Wipes are great for wiping up messes, wiping dusty bookshelves and cleaning mucky faces…

  24. We use wipes for so much around here

    Cleaning up puppy accidents from the floor
    Cleaning up kids messes on the furniture and floor
    Cleaning the car interior
    washing walls of hand prints
    Cleaning the fridges
    wiping down the tables
    changing bums
    cleaning up the table when kids trash them with food at restaurants
    Cleaning the trolley handle before using it
    Wiping public toilet seats before using
    using to hold the door handle of same public toilet
    quick personal hygiene clean up in the heat
    Messy hands and faces obviously

    We love wipes here 🙂

  25. Brian hill

    I use them to remove stage make up.
    I go through heaps because the rest of the cast “borrow” them.
    Stage make up is difficult to remove because a lot of it is grease based and contains strong pigments. Character make up is applied thick and with lots of coverage so these wipes really get a work out but make clean up easy and fast.

  26. Lisa

    I use wipes for everything from dirty bums to dirty faces…obviously not the same wipe! Hands, clothes for those little spills when you have to look good and the beetroot falls off your burger! To clean the dust of the car interior, and the seats from children’s messes, to clean off my makeup if Ive had a big night and too lazy to do it properly! To clean the ink off my stamps when card making, they are the most versatile product ever!

  27. amanda m

    There’s so many uses for wipes, I generally carry a pack around with me in my bag!

  28. make up remover
    and wiping the handles of shopping trolleys

  29. Katrina C

    I use baby wipes on everything. I find them really good with getting food off the kids car seats.

  30. tenneale

    there are 101 if not more ways to use them their a god sent 🙂
    make up
    and my partner has found cleaning his nails with them works really good
    it goes on

  31. LBG

    Wiping down the highchair is a breeze with Huggies Wipes!

  32. Sally

    Fingers crossed

  33. Kym D

    I live on a dusty track and often use them for cleaning the dash. not just the kids sticky, smelly bits.

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