Our little autie tourists.

Every year I say the same thing… I’m never (ever ever ever) taking all these kids on holidays ever again… and yet here I am just back from holiday with all the minions, when will I learn?

But hey I can’t sit at home thinking these kids are going to make any trip a nightmare (even if they have a LOT of form for doing so).  I have to try to have a holiday break, you never know when they (the minions) may get their shit together and behave.

So this summer break we made an effort to get out there and do holiday stuff, like people with neuro-typical kids get to do.  Yes it was probably going to suck, and it was highly likely that our children would reduce us, tour operators, zoo keepers and our holiday neighbours to tears.  But we simply had to try.  Not to prove anything to anyone, not even ourselves, we just have to find a way to feel like a family on holidays.  Too often the Husband and I do activities separately, because one of us will have to stay back with the children that won’t cope with an activity.  You can imagine how much fun this is for the parent left behind.

Last week we went over to the South Coast, and what’dya know they kind of kept it together.  They even stayed in their seat belts for the three-hour car ride, that has never happened before, I’m usually looking for duct tape half an hour in.  We even dared to take them on a Dolphin watching cruise, that went okay – well as okay as confining six kids on a boat with 30 strangers, three of those kids having sensory issues and the wind blowing at around 20 knots, could go – we sailed around Jervis Bay for two hours saw two dolphins.  It has been something we’ve meant to do for years, but have let these kids hold us back.

This past year the Husband and I had a bit of a revelation, we worked out that we were not having any fun, because we didn’t want to try to get out there and do things with our kids that everybody else gets to do with their kids. I’ve talked about this before, I can’t just go to the shop for a loaf of bread when I have an autistic child, I HAVE to plan it.  I also have to my runners on for when the kid absconded.  This is the price of Autism for a lot of families, well we’ve had enough.


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  1. Oh Candy!
    Look, we do the holiday thing every year in Spain – maybe it is easier if you don’t speak the same language, maybe the Spanish are more indulgent, maybe we don’t care..?
    But we have had small poos deposited beside sun-bathing and oblivious childfree couples (a small poo that the barman from the pool kiosk had to point out to us) 3 days of chunder and more when we first arrive as the kids got used to the food/juices/climate. (the reason that god made laundry services) We have had security called to find out why the child was screaming on 4 different occasions (we stay in a complex with lots of little terraced houses and private security) – owners of the holiday houses called to see what we were doing to that small screaming girl (not letting her watch Oswald Dvds at 3 am) and yet we still do it.
    Last year the Belgians renting the house next door came knocking to tell me I was moving furniture after 9pm which apparently is illegal in Belgium. HAH!

    I love our holidays, I don’t care what people think of us as we need a break and our kids deserve to have fun too. Do it. Do it more and make everyone else do it too.


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