My baby is 2

My last baby, Charlie turned two today.  Soon there will be no need for nappies, bottles and such like strewn about the house, car and my handbag.  I should be happy about this right?  Everyone has a last baby, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants their last baby to stay little for just a while longer.

To celebrate his birthday I thought I’d share an old post, back where Charlie’s story began, on twitter… Charlie’s birth story tweeted.

Happy Birthday Charlie!


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4 Responses to My baby is 2

  1. Amanda White

    Happy Birthday Charlie, time flies with kids dosn’t it.

  2. Good lord, 2 already?!!!
    Happy birthday young man! 🙂
    Are you serious he’s your last….really? 😛

  3. You have a wonderful baby and a wonderful birthing partner. Well done xx

  4. I love reading the story of Charlies’ arrival. You write in such a great way that clearly illustrates the scene, and how you were feeling as well!

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