I want to be alone.

In the interest of over sharing, as bloggers do, I’d like to paint you a picture of how much time I get alone.  In fact as I type two children are hanging off my elbows.

A moment ago I went to the loo, all I needed was a mere two minutes alone.  I had hardly begun to warm the seat when I was joined by three children and the dog.   All wanting something from me, or had brought me something to open or do for them.  Business concluded I left the toilet three children & dog in tow, and one bottle of cordial, two sippy cups, two dvds and a bag of cookies under my arms.  I swear these kids have absolutely no boundaries.  I now know why my mother would call out from the loo when she was in there; “I’m in here!” if she heard the slightest bump in the house (or the house next door even), a kind of veiled ‘piss off kid’ I’m sure.

One day I will miss all this right?


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  1. I’m in the bathroom with the only lock that can’t be opened from the outside without a flat head screwdriver. And I swear they are both pacing outside. xx

  2. Okay I just noticed I’m not a fan on FB… which is weird I thought I was…. hmm…

    But anyway *giggles* One day you will see the funny side I see… because I’m on the outside looking in… days gone by of my kids coming into the loo with me. They still pace outside, or notice the moment I’m gone and the loo door is closed…

    So I get knocks, and I hear “argh she’s in there” when another one comes looking for me too.

    Motherhood is awesome isn’t it 🙂


  3. Ro

    My eldest is 24 and would still prop herself in the doorway to chat with me while I was doing my biz !
    The youngest is 15 and does the same….when do we get a chance to miss it…?

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