A year in the G

We’ve been in Goulburn just about a year, where did the time go?  I still have around ten boxes left to unpack, and I know I know if I haven’t needed to unpack them then maybe I didn’t need them. Well I think I have probably replaced everything that I haven’t found yet, so yeah maybe I did need to unpack them.  Anyways…  What a big year we’ve had.  It still feels like we’ve only just got here, there are still places in this town I have visited yet.

The kids have settled in beautifully, and as we had hoped, our autistic children have shown great improvement since being here.  It has been great being so close to everything, yet still living in a country town.  I have to say I’m fast becoming a fan of Canberra too. 

Anyhow, I have a couple of things I’d like to share with you.  First is some photo albums I’ve been iphone-ographing up a storm around Goulburn this year, you can view them here and here.  And second I’d like to express gratitude, to those who have helped me (and my family) along the way this year – you know who you are, we couldn’t have made it without your enormous support (virtual and IRL) – thanks again. xx

So bring on the new year!  Let’s hope things keep going on the up and up!


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