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Jellystone Designs – Silicone Jewellery for mum, that babies love.    I got my hands on an owl pendant and bracelet from Jellystone Designs.  The bracelet is from their ‘Suckable’ range, which means you can hand it to baby to chomp on, so I did.  No marks were left on it by small sharp fangs.  I got a lot of compliments about the bracelet (in forest green), and the owl pendant which my daughter with Autism took quite a shine to it.  She wore it a lot, it seems to be very kid safe with a break away clasp.  The jewellery is very well priced starting at just$15, with nothing in the range costing over $40.  The pieces are lovely to hold and feel, and the colour range is very trendy the only thing I didn’t like about them was they seem to attract a little lint.  However there is one thing you can safely do with this jewellery that you can’t do with most, rinse it under the tap, good as new!

M-Edge Method Portfolio for iPadBusiness Folio for iPad users.   This thing is huge (that’s what she said).  I was sent a folio in brown leather, love that new leather smell.  This case looks very practical, and it is, but it has a few limitations.  I’ve taken it to a couple of conferences now, and there was a couple of points that bothered me.  The phone slots wouldn’t fit my iPhone in the case I have, but a simple snap on iphone cover on the phone should fit.  Once I filled the other pockets and slots with bits and pieces, the case was very hard to close and I didn’t really pack it full.  The actual iPad holder in the middle is good, you can use your iPad on either side with holders on each side and store it in the middle.  What would be great is enough width in the folio to pack your charger as well, which I tried but it just made it too awkward.  Other than those little things, the case I have is well made and quite a good little on the go office for me.

Modular Method Portfolio

Drop Buddy – Cup & Toy Lanyard.  We got two of these things, which I thought would be great as we have two evil bottle throwing toddlers at the moment.  Now it’s not often something completely fails to deliver, but my baby had this thing undone and bottle tossed on the shopping centre floor before I’d even done up the second one.  No I’m not kidding.  They cost $7.95 each, don’t waste your time.  Sorry can’t find anything good to say about them.








JL Childress Double Wide Stroller Organiser – where has this thing been all my double pram pushing years? It has cup holders, cup holders people!  I’ve been more attracted to certain cars in the car yard, simply because of cup holders.  I need a place to put my travel mug.  This great organiser has four slots you can fit a drink bottle (or mums caffeine hit), a big zippered storage section across the length of it and another zippered pouch in the centre.  Oh and I forgot, it has hooks on the bottom for shopping.  I can fill this thing with nappies, bottles and my wallet and phone easily.  Love it.  Good gift for double trouble mums 🙂

30% Off Double Wide Stroller Organiser


Over the past month or two I’ve been sent a few things, acquired a few things, and have generally ended up surrounded by products and samples. This by the way is totally awesome, but a lot of these arrived without details.  So I’ve decided to roll a few of the little products that arrived without a story or request into one big review, sorry if you sent me something and expected way more (but you have to include some details next time, I really don’t have the time to chase things up).  But hey I’ll admit it, I LOVE getting these surprises in the mail and if I can’t use them I’ll find someone who can. 



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  1. Bec S

    I agree with you on the drop buddy…I got one for Savannah (ages ago – when she as a baby) and it was hopeless!

  2. Hear you on cup holders for lattes xx

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