I’m a believer!

Managed to round-up the crowd, and unbelievably got them together with only one of them crying, for a Santa photo today.  So I give you, result!

Our eldest girl Lucy is just getting to that age, where she is not too sure Santa is real.  Her friends have told her: It’s your mum, but I know she still holds out hope that he is real, don’t we all.

Today our Santa (one of Santa’s shopping centre stunt doubles) happened to be a friend of mine, so when our crowd arrived to crush him and steal all his goodies, he was ready to chat to Lucy about being naughty.

I wish I had a camera ready to catch the look on her face, Santa knew her name and he knew specifically how she had been naughty.  Priceless. 

She spent the afternoon debating what Santa said, and how could he possibly know about her, with the neighbours kid.  Pondering and questioning me still when she went to bed “you rang Santa didn’t you Mummy, how could he know that?”.

I think we have a believer for at least one more year 🙂

PS: I need your vote for the Top 25 Aussie blogs.

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