Christmas Conundrum

I have one.

Those of you reading with special needs children will know what I mean, when I say shopping for them is IMPOSSIBLE to do without feeling guilty/sad/depressed/useless. 

Every year I have this terrible feeling that there is something my big Autie boy Thomas may want for Christmas, but he simply cannot or will not tell us what it is he wants for Christmas.  Is it possible that he feels disappointed on Christmas morning, because Santa hasn’t left the object he desires under the tree.  How would I ever know?  And I really do want to know.  The is no easy answer here, and there probably never will be and really I don’t  feel any better for putting it into words.  I do know that there are parents out there that will get this, and probably feel the same way.  All I can do is get him gifts I think he will enjoy, and hope.

You know what problem this christmas gift guilt also causes?  I spend more on him, out of guilt.  This week I ordered him an adult sized tricycle (an $800 bike!), because I so want him to have fun like the rest of the crowd on their bikes – let’s hope he will.   Incidently only half the bike has arrived because the courier has lost the other half in transit for pity sake!   I hope everyone is getting their shopping done, only 39 days till the fat man comes!

Christmas always gets me a little crazy, click here to find out why.

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