Hey there gang!  Geez that sounds cheerful doesn’t it.  I sat down tonight to write a LONG overdue blog post, and then realised I got nothing.  I’m all written out tonight, having written stuff for real paying customers all night.   So my theory is that if I sit here and bash away at the keyboard something worth reading may land on the page.

I suppose I could update you on what you missed with the Candy’s Family gang during October?  It was hot, the kids fought a lot, we went on a short holiday to the south coast, school went back.   Yeah sorry not that riveting.  Oh wait, my damn house sale still hasn’t settled.  Anyhoooo…

I really envy bloggers who can bash out a post everyday.  How do they do it?  How do they come up with something worth publishing every damn day, but more importantly why do they do it?  I’ll leave that question unanswered.

And point you to that nice little button on the right hand side of my blog, that belongs to Little Pip.  Click on it to find a shop full of gorgeous little natural baby products, Lisa (the lovely lady behind the store) puts a lot of effort into researching and obtaining products and she is just so nice to deal with.   I’ve bought a few things from her and they always arrive quick and beautifully presented.

Oh and one more thing.  It’s Movember! And I have to live with the Mr for a whole month, attempting to grow fuzz on his top lip.  Please support his effort if you can.  Click here to head to his Movember page.


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